Seraph of The End: 5 factors Why Mikaela Should've to be The main Character (& 5 factors Why Yuu Is Perfect) Seraph that The finish is an epic anime that complies with the journey of Yuu. But would Mikaela have been a much better option together the key character? Let"s examine.

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The first rule that anime is that the opened title sequence will spoil everything. Seraph that the finish (Owari no Seraph) is no exception. Though the shock value of Mikaela’s survive gets automatically spoiled, the stories of the enduring Hyakuya youngsters is no much less impactful.

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But would certainly the collection be better with Mika as the main character instead of Yuuichiro? after ~ all, Mika’s the one who ends up separated from human society, assumed dead, and also has to proceed life walking the line in between human, vampire, and also monster. ~ above the other hand, Yuu has actually demon weapons and that’s simply cool.

Here room 5 reasons why Mika should’ve been the key character the Seraph of the End and also 5 reasons why Yuu is perfect.

starting as fairly happy-go-lucky in the face of armageddon, Mika bring away a spicy downturn from optimism to pessimism. That takes until the end of the season to see Mika laugh again, let alone place any type of faith in someone aside indigenous Yuu. This is comes from the child who invited everyone right into his eclectic family and arguably, was the glue that held his household together in the vampire city.

Watching Mika’s descent right into such a cold outlook would certainly be a fascinating character study, also if that ridiculously depressing.

The quick answer is the this was always supposed to it is in Yuu’s story. That never had love, uncovered love, shed love, and also then learned come love again.

Arguably, in between the two, Yuu has a more powerful character arc and also is design to it is in uplifting. Focusing on Mika’s downfall, watching a relatively happy and optimistic child descend right into someone for this reason apathetic tugs in ~ the heartstrings. City hall Yuu acquire yet an additional family, agree them, and devoting the remainder of his life to defending lock is far more inspiring and highlights the best of humankind in a world where everyone is a sinner.

as soon as a human, currently a vampire, Mika no seem come fit in anywhere. However, that harbors together a hatred for humans and vampires that it’s no clear what side he’s on or what he’s totally willing to do. He has no reservations about killing adult people or transforming on vampires, however he refuses to fully turn right into a vampire regardless of hating humanity.

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Although, he doesn’t seem come harbor any kind of ill will in the direction of children. He is tried comforting a kid before, ~ staring reminiscently at his old home in the vampire city, and also he always refuses come drink the blood of children. Maybe there’s innocence in youngsters that adult human beings don’t have? one of two people way, watching Mika walk the line and also retreat deeper right into himself would certainly be a compelling story.

7 Yuu’s uncovered Family

it’s a lesson so crucial that Yuu needs to learn that twice. Mika transforms Yuu for the better, however losing Mika and also the rest of the family members forces Yuu to challenge the lose of loved ones. Abandoned and hurt after opened himself up once, he doesn’t want to again.

Watching the payoff that teamwork, friendship, and also the ide of household for those alone in a harsh civilization makes you cheer for Yuu, even if you find him a little bit annoying. Completely seeing him adopt his team, his demon, and also making Mika to trust (to an extent) again has an ext clout come it understanding Yuu’s beginnings.

though briefly touch upon, Mika reflects that the doesn’t in reality remember lot from his human being life. The knows about his family and also the to escape attempt and his commitment towards Yuu to know no bounds. However, he appears a bit hazy about anything before the vampire city.

though it’s no the emphasis of the series, that seems specific memories the Mika in the orphanage are lost to time. There is no memories to fall back on, Mika’s rotate to apathy and also hatred renders much an ext sense.

5 Yuu’s Cursed Gear

The vampires’ ideal weapons room really straightforward, a device to boost their currently supernatural abilities. Physically superior to humans, the struggle and also journey of coming to be stronger wouldn’t have actually been together satisfying through Mika.

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With Yuu, we’re presented to the principle of the Cursed Gear and also learn the mechanics v him, Kimizuki, and also Yoichi. An ext importantly, we check out the interaction between humans and also contracted demons, with Yuu gift something that an exception to the rules by providing Asuramaru friendship instead of make the efforts to totally beat her right into submission for she power.

Stories about the unknown are awesome. Seraph the the end offers a many world-building and mysteries, therefore actually understanding the pecking order of the vampires would certainly be nice. Stumbling v a new world alongside Mika, knowledge why vampires need blood, and possibly offering some much more nuance to the vampire characters would have been interesting. The vampires obviously have feelings, regardless of looking under on humanity.

Where does Krul Tepes actually autumn within vampire rule? Why space progenitors therefore important? and was Mika certainly kept a an enig from the nobles exterior of the vampire city?

3 Yuu in Post-Apocalypse Society

for the audience, it provides much an ext sense for united state to watch exactly how human society pieced itself earlier together and also learned to deal with in a new world complete of vampires and also demons. Adhering to Yuu’s trip helps us see the an excellent and the bad of humanity, what we’re ready to carry out for the ones us love and also what we’re ready to sacrifice out of greed.

Yuu and the team room meant to it is in pillars that the good, exactly how love can bring us together.

many of the an enig from the collection comes from details Mika’s to be privy to and also finding our method through Yuu’s discoveries. What if we had actually Mika’s information, but not Yuu’s? would we be faster to revolve on the people of the collection and begin questioning their people earlier on?

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But half the funny of the collection is the consistent plot twists and also realizations you get alongside Yuu. A story isn’t fun if whatever is spoonfed to you.

1 Yuu’s Discoveries and also Seraph that the End

at the finish of the day, Yuu’s story leaves us much more satisfied. Gaining tidbits that information and then having it all pay turn off is the note of good storytelling. It had actually to it is in Yuu, in order to find out with the characters and also maintain a reasonable story pace. We also get some lot needed comic relief through the interactions in between Yuu, Shinoa, Mitsuba, Yoichi, and Kimizuki. We need that sympathy and care to get through exactly how bleak the circumstances are.

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And the course, we can’t uncover out about the Seraph that the finish experiment also early. Together the title of the series and complete world-ending power, the too much to throw at us prior to we master the ide of the vampires, Cursed Gear, the politics, and everything else that goes along with the Moon Demon Company. A little bit of normalcy in fantasy is what grounds united state and permits us to enjoy the relatable story the fighting for and defending what you love.