How lot is the surface Pro 3 i7 Worth?

The surface Pro 3 i7 is precious $255 come $325, depending on the storage size and also condition of the device. *Price subject to change. Quote in dropdown is final.


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The surface Pro 3 i7 is thinner and also lighter 보다 the previous 2 iterations. The display screen gets an update at 12 inches and has a higher screen resolution. The kickstand renders the Surface much easier to use and the keyboard remains best in class. Selling a surface Pro 3 i7 is so straightforward with; send your surface Pro 3 i7 to with totally free shipping and you’ll get cash sent to girlfriend fast! The Samsung agree 3 i7 is terrific alternative come a laptop. It is Microsoft’s best PC to date! fantastic option for liven on-the-go business owners or civilization travelers looking come lighter your load. will buy your surface Pro 3 i7 in any type of condition, even broken! just head to to obtain a quote, send your surface ar Pro 3 i7 in, and also get cash quick!

Has significant physical issues.• Cracked display or Body• Doesn"t strength on or do Calls• lacking Buttons or Parts

Normal indications of everyday use.• No crack on display screen or Body• strength on and also Makes Calls• No significant Scratches or Dents• Must have actually Clean IMEI / ESN

Must look like it has actually never been used.• choose New, No dents or Scratches Anywhere• No cracks on display or Body• every little thing Works Perfectly• Must have Clean IMEI / ESN


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