Here"s where to discover the hidden battle star in the Season 8, mainly 7 loading screen.

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Credit: Epic gamings

This week"s loading screen finally features the Tier 100 skin, Luxe. She appears to it is in tomb-raiding. There"s a totality bunch of V-Bucks gold and also other endowment in the cavern she"s found.

The loading screen, which you"ll receive after completing every one of the Season 8, week 7 challenges, additionally includes a clue regarding the whereabouts that this week"s hidden fight Star, which will obtain you one totality Tier ~ above your way to the top. It"s a pretty well-hidden clue, however.

To discover it, you"ll desire to brighten the picture up a bit. As soon as you do, you"ll view this odd lay out on the cavern wall:

Here"s the clue.

Credit: epos / Erik Kain

So . . . That"s interesting. What is the strange illustration exactly?

Well, it shows up to be a rabbit turned on its side. If you revolve the picture you"ll view it more clearly. The fight Star shows up to be over the rabbit"s back.

Here"s where to discover the rabbit and also the hidden fight star.

Credit: epos / Erik Kain

It"s cool to see Luxe display up in these loading screens. She"s the very first female Tier 100 skin, and also she"s just cool all around. I"m not sure exactly how she fits right into the bigger conflict between Ice King and also Fire King, but she can be associated in the dig sites and mysterious helicopter flying from ar to place across the map. She"s absolutely the Indiana Jones/Lara Croft kind hero.

In any kind of case, happy hunting and great luck v this week"s challenges! view our overview to this week"s difficulties here.

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