Here"s whereby to search the treasure Map Signpost in Junk Junction in "Fortnite: battle Royale" for ... <+> the Season 8, main 10 challenge.

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Credit: epic / Erik Kain

Fortnite"s Season 8, week 10 difficulties have arrived just in time for the month of May.

The pirate-themed (or probably volcano spaceship themed?) season that Fortnite: battle Royale is illustration to a close, which method you only have about a mainly to complete up as numerous Season 8 challenges as feasible to obtain to Tier 100 and also the luxury skin.

You"ll additionally need to finish 55 weekly challenges in order come unlock the Discovery challenge skin, Ruin.

Luckily, we"re right here to help.

For the second time this season, players are being tasked with completing a two-part sweetheart map difficulty in week 10. The old treasure map difficulties were constantly fun, but Epic games stopped including them in the weekly rotation for rather a while till they popped ago up 2 weeks ago. (See where to uncover the treasure map signpost in sky Palms here).

This time around, players need to discover the treasure Map Signpost in Junk Junction. When you uncover it, simply interact with that to expose the map which, in turn, will certainly lead you come the treasure.

Here"s where to find the Signpost once you land in Junk Junction, in the Northwest edge of Fortnite"s sprawling, ever-changing map:

The treasure Map Signpost is in the north-central portion of Junk Junction, simply west that the basketball court. You can find it previous a stack of pallets on a blue shipping container (see photo at the optimal of this post).

Junk Junction

Credit: epos / Erik Kain

Be warned: This area will be swarming with other players once you land, at the very least if you"re law this difficulty right away. This is no a bad time to acquire some pickaxe damage to complete that challenge, or come camp and also get some extra eliminations (though I constantly say let other players communicate with the an obstacle first before picking them off; it"s the honorable point to do).

Once you"ve interacted with the Signpost, you"ll watch the sweetheart Map appear. Climate it"s off to the second stage of this challenge. Psychic you"ll desire to finish this round very first before tackling phase 2. For a valuable map and guide for that stage, walk here.

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Thanks for reading and hopefully this to be helpful! an excellent luck!


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