To to make reservation in breakthrough you need a precious ID. Or MX- counsel identifier or Sellers Permit and Business License. You might purchase a an are the same day of the event. A new seller deserve to come twice a year there is no a seller permit.It is compelled to salary the City license at the moment of your purchase. By the 3rd visit, Seller must existing their Seller Permit with the Swap Meet deal with & our service License native city of san Fernando. Sellers that don’t acquisition the City company License would need to pay $12.00 dollars, every time once a seller purchases a space. Located at these locations:

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State plank of Equalization 25360 Magic hill Parkway, Suite 330 Floor Santa Clarita, CA 91355 661-222-6000
san Fernando service License City Hall mountain Fernando 117 McNeil St. $100.00/yr san Fernando Ca, 91340
health and wellness Permit 14500 Roscoe Blvd. 5th Floor Panorama City, CA 91402 818-672-2200

reservation office opens up monday 8:00-2:00pm & thursday 6:30-1:00pm & friday 6:30-2:00pm tuesday & saturday & sunday 6:30-2:30pm

space Types Monthly Price everyday Price
Tuesday Regular Space $125.00 $45.00
Fence/Corner $145.00 $50.00
Discount Space $120.00 $30.00
Thursday Regular Space $64.00 $20.00
Fence/Corner $84.00 $26.00
Friday Regular Space $64.00 $20.00
Fence/Corner $84.00 $21.00
Saturday Regular Space $180.00 $70.00
Fence Space $200.00 $80.00
Corner Space $245.00 $80.00
Discount Space $120.00 $30.00
Sunday Regular Space $220.00 $70.00
Fence Space $245.00 $80.00
Corner Space $310.00 $80.00
Discount Space $120.00 $30.00
Flyer Price Per entrance Gate Thursday Friday $21.00 One human being Only
Tuesday $40.00 One human Only
Saturday Sunday $65.00 One human Only

Restricted items for new Vendors vitamins & Herbs/ Candy/ Chips/ Music/Movies/Animals *For new Furniture Vendors have the right to be offered on Thursday & Friday only *For new Jewelry Vendors have the right to be offered on Thursday & Friday just *For brand-new Close the end Vendors can be offered on Thursday & Friday just For more information on offering Food & Beverages etc... Please call Aristeo Paredes in ~ (626) 945-5521

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