Unveiled during Mobile world Congress in February 2016, Samsung Galaxy S7 and also Galaxy S7 Edge room already large hits because that Samsung. These brand-new flagships are powerful and have actually a lot of new exciting functions that individuals will enjoy. Here, we market you the top 10 of brand-new useful attributes of these gadgets :

1. Display screen Scaling

Display Scaling is a straightforward but good feature that allows to optimize her DPI (Dots per Inch) settings display. Two settings are possible : Standard and also Condensed. With Condensed mode, you have the right to display much more content on the screen at one time with smaller aspects like icons, controls or texts.

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To set up display Scaling, go on : setups > display > display screen Scaling.


2. Recognize Unsaved Callers

Sometimes, you deserve to receive a call from an unknown number. Favor you don’t understand the caller, you have the right to hesitate to take the speak to or no. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge sell a great feature that can check if the call number calling you is doubt of being a spammer of also a fraud-related number and also tell friend what is the danger level associated. V that information, you can choose to block or report the number.

To collection up the unsaved number identification feature, go on : settings > progressed features > determine unsaved numbers



3. Schedule Auto Restart

Restarting a machine often is just one of the finest practices to save it running efficiently. But, very often, you have the right to forget to do that. V Auto Restart feature readily available by S7 and also S7 Edge, you don’t need to worry about remembering come restart your device frequently. You deserve to schedule auto restart. The attribute component takes care to stop restarting from happening at inconvenient times. So, Auto Restart only will occur when the display is turned off and also the machine is no in use and also there is a the very least 30 percent of the battery remaining.

To collection up auto restart feature, walk on : settings > Backup and also reset > Auto restart

4. Constantly On Display

Galaxy S7 and also S7 Edge have actually an constantly On display screen feature that allows you to examine on notifications, missed calls, date, time and more without unlocking your display. Even better, always On display screen don’t drainpipe your battery.

To collection up always On Display, go on : settings > display screen > always On Display

5. Many Lock display screen Images

Now, girlfriend can pick multiple images from her Gallery to display screen on your lock screen. It will certainly let girlfriend to change the watch of your an equipment each time your examine your lock screen. You can select up come 30 images.

To set up many Lock screen Images, go on : setups > wallpaper > Lock display screen > pick From gallery , then select the photos you desire to display.

6. Customizable application Shortcuts top top Lock Screen

With Galaxy S7 and also S7 Edge, you can place 2 apps in the reduced corners of your Lock Screen. It’s good to have actually easy access to these apps. Girlfriend can choose the apps friend want.

To collection up your two apps top top the Lock Screen, go on : setups > Lock display then security > Info and also App Shortcuts.



8. Smart Switch

To move your old data come a new Galaxy device, clever Switch is your best solution. It has been upgraded because that the Galaxy S7 and also S7 Edge through a brand-new home layout, much better app data recovery and also some other refinements. It’s a convenient method to move all your documents to your new device including contacts, photos, apps or music.

To collection up clever Switch, walk on : settings > Backup and also reset > open Smart Switch

9. Rapid Dial

Bored to shed some time to make her calls ? shot Quick Dial and also you would certainly be happy. Indeed, quick Dial helps you to make your call to contacts faster and also easier. Once the feature will be enabled, you will simply need to lengthy press the residence button and then speak the name of the contact you desire to call. Fast Dial takes care of the rest.

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To set up fast Dial, go on : settings > progressed features > Galaxy Labs > fast Dial

10. More Ways to manage Apps from residence Screen

Manage her apps from your home screen is not always basic task. With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and also S7 Edge, you can now conveniently move your apps in between your different home screens and also search for apps easily. Once you do a long press top top an application icon on your house screen, girlfriend will see a move apps symbol at the peak of your screen. The a momentary container for managing several applications at once. You have actually just come drag and also drop symbols of the apps you want to move and also then move on an additional page. Besides, you deserve to search apps by name in the application tray by choosing “Search” at the height of the screen.