Last month, Samuel Adams transport the beer that i am willing to bet takes the top spot together the brewery’s many misspelled creation.

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First exit in 2002, Samuel Adams Utopias 2017—yes, over there is an s on the end—is a 28 percent ABV ale that is brewed with maple syrup and is composed of a blend of a number of different beers, including 24-year-old Triple Bock, 17-year-old Millennium, previous Utopias vintages, Kosmic mommy Funk, and “a variety of barrel-aged blends.” The beer to be then separated up and aged that in a selection of different barrels, consisting of single-use Buffalo trace Distillery bourbon casks, ruby port and white carcavelos alcohol barrels.

Due to the ABV, the is illegal 11 states as result of the high alcohol content: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, brand-new Hampshire, north Carolina, southern Carolina, Tennessee, and also Vermont.


In addition, a new kind of barrel was integrated for this year’s release, specific Aquavit barrels, a Scandinavian spirit with unique flavor from spices and herbs, mainly caraway or dill. Finally, a section of the final blend was finished in muscat barrels prior to being bottled.

The Samuel Adams website has a little much more information ~ above the brewing process for Utopias 2017:

Brewing, blending, and aging Utopias is a multi-step, time-intensive and complicated process. This beer starts through the world’s finest ingredients, consisting of a special blend of two-row pale malt combined with Munich and also Caramel 60 malts the impart a rich, ruby color. Three varieties of German Noble hops – Spalt Spalter, Hallertau Mittelfrueh, and also Tettnang Tettnanger – are included to balance the sweetness of the malt. After ~ the beer is brewed, the very first proprietary brewing technique begins – adding special yeast strains. The brewers utilized numerous yeast strains throughout fermentation, including one generally reserved because that champagne and also a “ninja yeast,” created for its capability to survive and also continue fermenting in an atmosphere that has such a high alcohol level.

As with previous versions, Utopias 2017 is packaged in 24-ounce decanters do by Ceramarte in Brazil that lug a retail price of $199 each, and also this year’s relax encompasses roughly 13,000 bottles—or 68 casks—that shipped to retailers ~ above Oct. 25. The decanters are very ornate and also are extended in bras, consisting of a window with 2 shutters that open and close, revealing a portrait the the brewery’s namesake in black and blue.

One point I did no know prior to opening my party was that the spout the the party is make of what watch to be porcelain, and it is actually sealed through a crown the you have to pry off like any type of other beer; girlfriend then use the lid to close and also seal the bottle sans crown.


The Samuel Adams Utopias 2017 pours a deep amber brown with no head whatsoever, however it is incredibly thick, remind me rather a bit of syrup together it sticks to the glass. Aroma native the glass is solid and aggressive acetone, but there is part honey sweetness and also oak remarkable underneath, as well as a touch that mint.

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After my an initial sip, i know automatically this was going to be a facility beer, as every taste appears to bring a various flavor to the forefront of the profile. In fact, there are so numerous notes that I in reality get worn down of writing down the ever-evolving flavors: caramel and vanilla sweetness blend v tobacco, bourbon, raisins, bitter cocoa, toffee, candy apples, honey, creamy oak, lemon, peppermint, plums, cherries and figs. There is more of one alcohol bite 보다 I meant on the finish, yet it is overridden by an interesting fruity-esque bitterness the is for this reason unique and also interesting that ns honestly have actually a tough time adequately relenten it.