Roane Co. Deputies and EMS responded to Tiger Haven last month after ~ a tiger called Eeyore struck an 18 year-old worker.

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A tiger attacked an 18-year-old girl and also caused substantial injury come her best arm ~ she stated she tripped and fell towards the animal"s cage last month in ~ Tiger Haven in Roane County, an event report revealed.

The young woman, who said she lived and also worked in ~ the big cat sanctuary, told wildlife police officers she was transforming the water that a tiger called Eeyore when she lost her footing in the mud and her hand went with a grate top top the next of the cage.

"He just got my hands and yanked my arm in and kept relocating up my arm and yanking me in and got me in as much as that can acquire me and kept pulling and also pulling," she said Tennessee Wildlife resource Agency officers.

The young woman recounted "screaming and screaming" for aid until other workers arrived. The tiger, she said, pinned she up against the cage.

Another employee stated he jammed a stalk of bamboo into the animal"s mouth, forcing the to release her arm, the report states.

Her right arm was "de-gloved," the officers reported, definition the skin and also flesh had been traction off during the attack. At the moment of her TWRA interview a mainly later, that was not clear whether medical professionals would have to amputate. She has since been discharged indigenous UT medical Center, a spokesperson said.

A representative because that Tiger Haven referred lot of requests because that comment to the sanctuary"s attorney Sunday evening. He has not however responded to 10News.

The lawyer who said he stood for the victim stated she was not doing well and also has had 5 surgeries to try to keep her arm. Even if doctors don"t need to amputate, that said, she may never restore use that it.

"He’s actually not a average cat," she said. "It was simply time because that him come eat. He witnessed something come eat the tried come eat it."

The young woman was make her typical rounds ~ above the morning the January 25 come refresh the water in few of the tigers" cages. She claimed she slipped and also caught her right hand top top a section of the cage with much more space in between bars.

"I had actually to precise scream and scream until somebody heard me," she told officers. Other employees come running from throughout the huge property, residence to almost 300 large cats.

"Instant panic. No one knew what to do. Nobody had a setup for if anything was to happen. So the was very very chaotic. So people were running around, screaming. It was just crazy," she said of the scene.

In a 911 speak to to Roane county dispatchers,an employee stayed calm however spoke v urgency together she asked for help.

"Somebody acquired grabbed by among the tigers," the unnamed employee said. "She"s injured badly. You re welcome hurry."

Other employees placed the victim"s eight in a tourniquet and tightened a belt about her shoulder in an effort to avoid the bleeding, body camera video showed. They hosted a tarp to safeguard her native the drizzly rain.

When deputies arrived at the scene, Eeyore the tiger remained in a locked box. It"s unsure what happened to the animal after lock left.

TWRA police officers inspected the verity of the cage and determined the victim go not have the keys vital to get inside nor to be there significant structural damage from the attack.

After the ambulance crew began treating the victim, Tiger Haven staff and Roane ar deputies started to question how the strike happened.

It developed in an area wherein the fence bars to be spaced further apart, several feet from whereby the young woman would"ve been transforming the animal"s water.

"She shouldn"t have been end there," a woman determined as Tiger Haven founder mary Lynn Haven said deputies on body camera footage.

The TWRA investigative paper indicates police officers examined this discrepancy closely. In a photo, workers pose to show perspective in the distance in between the water bowl and also the website of the attack.

Tiger Haven workers pose to present perspective that distance between water bowl (at left) and the area that the fence wherein the attack arisen (at right).

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In the results of the attack, the sanctuary founder shown to deputies she doubt the victim to be petting the animal, versus facility policy, according to body camera video.

"He to be a hand-raised cat. I"m no saying he"s tame, yet he"s friendly," she said. "She probably got away v it every day and also then one"s play to them."