Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is right now sailing roughly Italy in a holiday wardrobe for this reason chic, you couldn"t dream it up. From her Jacquemus shirt dress to her huge array that bikinis and also her statement jewellery, we have actually rounded up 10 that her best holiday pieces, i beg your pardon are accessible to buy currently so the you can steal the supermodel"s style.

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Proving that there is absolutely nothing boring around the shirt dress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wore Jacquemus" trademark ruched white "Bahia" frock for an afternoon board the yacht. The supermodel simply added jewellery and adopted beachy waves, making it the perfect holiday look.


Also a pan of the one-piece, the version wore Hunza G"s crinkle swimsuit for an additional day in the sun. You have the right to channel she look through snapping increase the precise style – or opting because that a various colour.


If you want to obtain in on her accessorising too, the model"s beautiful necklace is native Jessica McCormack"s "Ball n Chain" collection. You deserve to still to buy the exact chain and also there are some very similar pendants available.


Huntington-Whiteley additionally gave a chic twist on the beach bag, transporting this explain linen Saint Laurent tote for an afternoon swim.


These chic white flats (which have showed up in much more than among her vacation posts) are additionally by Saint Laurent – and also come in a totality host of hues.

Before she even landed in Italy, the version was ticking every the right format boxes v her airport carry-on – a brown leather, woven tote indigenous Loewe.

Earlier in the year, the design showed turn off a swimsuit native her collection with clues & Spencer, pairing the statement print with some chunky, yellow hoops.

Clearly a pan of Fella swimwear, Huntington-Whiteley wore one more of the brand"s formats on a vacation to French Polynesia in ~ the beginning of the year.

On the same trip, the model also wore a scallop-edged bikini by Marysia Swim, which is still obtainable to buy.

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