former POW Ron uncomfortable by exceptional Race producers’ Iraq quesitons. Amazing Race 7 contestant and Iraq war POW Ron Young states that throughout the race, producers focused endlessly top top his service. He speak TV Guide,

“One point that did bother me was how they made that look prefer all i talked around was freakin’ Iraq. The thing is, they have asking you stuff like, “How does this compare to Iraq?” they never display me going, ‘This doesn’t to compare at all.’ ns don’t know what the entertainment worth to the was–it was simply the same thing, over and over again.”

He likewise says that companion Kelly McCorkle’s well known comment about his quitting the service since he to be a POW “was type of laughed off at the point, since I think she realized how ridiculous the was.” The couple confirmed the their relationship ended the day the race did, and also they aren’t even close friends. “I don’t think we’ll be ideal buddies, yet I have actually a the majority of respect for him together a person and also especially because that his service in the military,” Kelly said.

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