Romp n' roll Omaha is the location to set kids dreams in motion. Children learn by moving and doing and also there’s no much better place come spark big dreams 보다 Romp n’ Roll. That where kids ages 3 months to 5 years, move, play, learn, and make friends.

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At Romp n' role Omaha, our team is as funny as our facility. We are trying to find energetic, caring instructors who reap making discovering fun, and have funny while teaching.

If you take into consideration yourself a Connoisseur the Colors, Maestro the Music, professional in Exercise, or a doctor of Playtime, Romp n’ roll is the place for you. We'll carry out complete training and weekly lesson plans. You administer enthusiasm, a enthusiasm for early on childhood education, and also enough smiles, high fives, and also hugs to walk around!

Shifts Needed:

Gym/Music Instructor

Flexible on the 2 nights a week. Requirements to be a collection 5-8 shift Mon-Thurs (you collection your days)Saturday morning 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Must be available 2 Friday nights a Month because that Kid's Night out 5-8:30 pm (can pick up more Friday shifts if desired)

Saturday morning 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

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As a Romp n' roll Instructor girlfriend will require to:

Engage children and their grown-ups if teaching interesting gym, music, or arts classes

Communicate effectively with children and also grown-ups of every ages

Exceed expectations and also be driven to over-deliver high quality service

Adapt quickly in any situation and also have a knack for staying positive


Show proficiency and accuracy when leading assigned Gym, Music, Art, or Specialty class by following established lesson plans, class format, and also timing

Impress households with your understanding of child advance and how it uses to the Romp n’ roll facility and programming

Build relationships with frequently attending children and also grown-ups

Answer basic questions pertained to Romp n’ role memberships, services, and also more

Encourage households that are interested in the Romp n’ Roll regimen to enroll

Assist potty-trained children with bathroom needs during drop-off programming and adjust diapers as needed.

Ensure all class materials space set-up and in the proper place prior to classes begin

Demonstrate suitable cleaning methods and procedures

Promptness and preparedness- come at work-related prepared come teach the day’s lesson setup as assigned

Assist or lead camps together scheduled


High institution diploma or GED preferred

2-3 years of suffer working with kids ages 0-5 years

1 years of customer company experience

Experience functioning within a team and independently


A fun and fulfilling work environment

Competitive salary - ours teachers are compensated based upon experience

Free membership for use outside of work schedule (child cannot attend classes friend teach)