Definitions include: amphetamine.

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Definitions include: the best.Definitions include: something you have now is worth more than two points you have just a possibility of getting.Definitions include: excessive.Definitions include: sexual activity.Definitions include: In the West/Central Canadian accent, "about" is express somewhere in between "aboot" and also "a boat".Definitions include: a little crazyDefinitions include: an unspecified little number.Definitions include: to play around.Definitions include: very common.Definitions include: a mythical creature who is exceptionally happy or fortunate.Definitions include: a non-specified price.Definitions include: a non-specified price.Definitions include: to collide through a tree.Definitions include: an ugly face.(show 767 morehide)

Other state relating come "new":

Definitions include: to put on airs.Definitions include: different, or fake, or hateful, prefer they was born yesterday.Definitions include: new.Definitions include: somewhere in the center of nowhereDefinitions include: "fucking new guy".Definitions include: a comment that generally serves no various other purpose above telling listeners (or much more often: readers) the the speak (writer) is in the technical "in group".Definitions include: quickly.Definitions include: a new situation.Definitions include: a new popular thing.Definitions include: a newcomer.Definitions include: a new popular thing.Definitions include: new Jersey.Definitions include: the brand-new person somewhere.Definitions include: a quick amount of time.Definitions include: acronym because that "New Year's Eve".(show 3 morehide)

Other terms relating to "one":

Definitions include: "goodbye".Definitions include: Slang because that the phrase " when More, Again". To compare to: 1 much more time, Repeat , Replay,or Restart. Example: The studio producer said "Imma require y'all to do that <1 Mo''gain>. Ok 1, 2, 3, GO!!!Definitions include: a "Long Island ice cream Tea" (also dubbed a "Long Island Iced Tea") i m sorry is a solid alcoholic blended drink.Definitions include: the best.Definitions include: to get fouled in basketball and also make the basketDefinitions include: to defecate; "poop".Definitions include: to go back to the beginning.Definitions include: to beat someone up, inflict head injuryDefinitions include: $1,000.Definitions include: to dice or to obtain killed.Definitions include: "buy one obtain one" free.Definitions include: come fight.Definitions include: to defecate.Definitions include: a beer.Definitions include: to masturbate.(show 93 morehide)

Other state relating to "rip":

Definitions include: romantic novel.Definitions include: in ~ the limit of being angry.Definitions include: to care; come mind.Definitions include: come flatulateDefinitions include: to execute something enthusiastically.Definitions include: to flatulate; "fart"; "pass gas".Definitions include: really coolDefinitions include: a rip-off.Definitions include: come flatulate.Definitions include: to attack, to win up.Definitions include: to flatulate; "fart"; "pass gas".Definitions include: to provide someone a negative bargain.Definitions include: come make fun of.Definitions include: come flatulate; "fart".

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Definitions include: extremely inebriated.(show 4 morehide)