She’s rumoured to have delighted in a lesbian fling and nowRihanna is seen kissing a mrs in her brand-new music video for S&M.

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Rihanna enjoys a lesbian kiss in the video for S&M

Dressed in pale pink latex bra and knickers design by wilhelm Wilde, RiRi slaps gaffer tape onto the mouth of a mrs who shows up to it is in a protection guard and also kisses she on the lips.

The singer likewise whips a male who is bound up and also lying defencelessly on a mattress.


Rihanna gets she whip out in the video clip for S&M

Showbiz blogger Perez Hilton likewise gets part lashes during his cameo in the promo as he crawls across a lawn pretending to it is in a dog while Rihanna holds his lead.

The raunchy video clip also reflects Rihanna, attract a dress emblazoned with headlines, dragged come a press surfacetoairnewyork.comnference and taped come a wall surface in a plastic bag as she’s surrounded by gagged reporters and flashing cameras.

She is additionally seen wearing yellow bunny ears as she lies in a white room with more headlines projected throughout the white room as she makes a destruction at the tabloid press and their surfacetoairnewyork.comverage the celebrity stories.

Rihanna’s kinky brand-new video because that S&M

The video surfacetoairnewyork.commes together speculation grows that Rihanna took pleasure in a lesbian fling with Hollywood socialite Natasha ‘Tajah’ Burton.

Burton called The sunlight that she appreciated a steamy romp v a mrs singer.

Although she didn’t name her, the star in question is rumoured to have actually been Rihanna.

‘I would say she bisexual. The was really exciting,’ Natasha said.

‘It was unexpected and it was an extremely fun. The sex to be really good but over there was much more to it – we really had a surfacetoairnewyork.comnnection.

‘She influenced me and also we helped uplift every other,’ claimed Burton.

New topless photos of Rihanna likewise surfaced on the internet this weekend.

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A blonde RiRi is checked out wearing nothing except a pair of black knickers together she smiles at a mirror holding her BlackBerry throughout her chest together she bring away the picture.

The singer is thought to have sent it come a male she was dating at the time – established only together a ‘well known sportsman’ – who then mutual the snap through his team mates.

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