After Drake go in for a kiss after declaring his love ~ above the VMAs stage and also came increase short, he is trying come prove Rihanna really likes him. Us look at the evidence.

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Behind every talented woman is a trifling guy moping in the corner of she close-up.

For Nicki Minaj that Meek Mill, a domesticated Philly rapper now reduced to urgent his famed partner’s fishnets and anonymously fuming about Drake ~ above Reddit. Because that Beyoncé that Jay-Z, hard-living rap mogul turn ousted cheater turned diligent Instagram husband. And also for Rihanna that none other than Toronto’s finest, Aubrey Graham, a male who has turned pining after women into an arts form.

So when Drake finally arrived at Sunday night’s VMAs to current his alleged paramour with the video clip Vanguard Award, we intended wild flattery and also adoration. What us didn’t prepare for was the complete change of one of hip-hop’s best stars into an anthropomorphized heart eye emoji.

Instead of one artist celebrating an additional innovator, us got full Bill Clinton in ~ the DNC—an oral history of all things Drake and Rihanna, from your 2009 meet-cute come their most recent music collaborations. And also in case you weren’t encouraged that Drake is #WithHer, Canada’s premier purse-holder took this an extremely public chance to shout his love indigenous the proverbial rooftops: “She’s someone I’ve been in love with because I was 22 years old. She’s among my ideal friends in the world. Every my adult life, i’ve looked up to her even though she younger than me.”

Rihanna’s response, a barely covert cringe and also a half-hearted dab, to be the physical indistinguishable of a read receipt. If we learned anything native the 2016 VMAs, it’s that Drake has actually sent much more unanswered messages to Rihanna than to the combined stripper populace of HoustAtlantaVegasToronto. Drake could come indigenous the 6, but he’s a full time resident that the girlfriend zone. And also if Drake had actually a twin, Rihanna would certainly still select her career.

But no VMAs moment epitomized Drake and Rihanna’s connection quite prefer the curve—a lifetime’s worth of overreaching and also rejection, immortalized in one gut-punching GIF. After ~ Drake professed his love and RiRi was every like, “OK, Aubrey, wrap it up,” Drake appeared to walk in for the kiss. The ensuing curve was 11 year in the making, and it shows. The complexity of Rihanna’s curve choreography suggests that she’s excellent this before, as does her subsequent scolding; she shows up to mutter, “That no funny.” Drake nods uncomfortably, disappointed but ultimately cognizant that the fact that he more than likely shouldn’t have tried to trick Rihanna into a make-out sesh in the middle of together a substantial career milestone.

Drake interpreting this awards ceremony together an opportunity for romantic is the indistinguishable of Drake mirroring off his brand brand-new body because that Serena Williams at the U.S. Open. An excellent beard, Drake, however this yes, really isn’t around you.

The VMAs taught us that Drake loves Rihanna, and Rihanna think Drake is short. But this is simply the recent installment of Drake and Rihanna’s touring manufacturing of whipped Romeo and also apathetic Juliet.

In 2009, the artist formerly known together Jimmy met a girl. Her name was Robyn Fenty, she hailed from Barbados, and he to be immediately about it. According to a web page Six report, a post-Chris Brown Rihanna rebounded from her abusive ex as just Rihanna can: through furiously sucking face with Drake at new York’s happy Strike Lanes & Lounge. According to one specifically observant source, “She to be drinking whiskey and also apple juice and also making out through him all night.”

Sadly, the apple juice-fueled work was short lived. In different his and also hers interviews, Rihanna and also Drake both insisted the they were simply friends, through Rihanna telling warm 97, “I definitely was attractive to Drake, but I think it is what that is, like, it was what the was. Us didn’t want to take it any kind of further.” On might 2010 Drake released “Fireworks,” a song about the time in 2009 as soon as his mouth touched Rihanna’s mouth at lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge. This tune is not to be perplexed with Katy Perry’s “Firework,” a song about fireworks.

On the track Drake displayed his continual enthusiasm for ideal nouns, rhyming, “I could tell it wasn’t love, I simply thought you will do fuck with me / Who can of predicted lucky Strike would have actually you stuck to me / Damn, I maintained my wits around me luckily / What happened between us the night / It constantly seems to problem me.” While promoting his debut album that June, Drake called America’s paper of document that Rihanna treated him choose a “pawn,” explaining, “You understand what she to be doing to me? She was doing specifically what I’ve excellent to so countless women transparent my life, which is present them top quality time, climate disappear. I was like, ‘Wow, this feeling terrible.’” that takes a special sort of man to retool a story the romantic rejection into a humble brag about how plenty of women he is slept with. Drake is that man.

But as summer gave way to fall, a formerly salty Drake started to come around. October carried us “What’s mine Name?” a Drake x Rihanna pop-up collaboration set at a grocery store store. In the steamy music video, Rihanna spills part milk (an early on prototype that spilling the tea?). Drake scholars will confirm the this is no the first time Drake do the efforts to make a woman autumn in love v him in a bodega.

“What’s mine Name?” was also Drake’s first No. 1 hit, and also Rihanna’s eighth. Drake speak Rihanna’s coattails all the means to the 2011 Grammys, whereby the duo confirmed the world their distinctive performance style, in i beg your pardon Rihanna dances about looking amazing and Drake shuffles back and soon awkwardly, together though he is uncomfortably aroused.

In 2011 Drake changed his tune again, giving Elle a brand-new account of the RiRi affair in i beg your pardon he basically recasts himself as a rap civilization Monica Lewinsky. The naive ingénue confided, “That to be the an initial girl with any type of fame the paid me any kind of mind. You invest days reading around this human in the magazines. Every one of a suddenly you have this number-one song and also you’re at part birthday party and also there she is. And also you’re simply some naive child from Toronto staying in some shitty-ass hotel who got invited come this party on a whim. That’s just how it happened.”

Bright lights and birthday celebrations aside, it seems that Drake doth protest also much. For every his insistence the he was simply star struck that one time, TMZ report in July 2011 that Drizzy and RiRi were as soon as again laying ~ above the PDA, this time at a Canadian nightclub.

Of course, any kind of discussion of Drake and Rihanna would certainly be incomplete without a thorough dissection of kris Brown and Drake’s bottle-throwing club brawl. The date was June 14. The year, 2012. The beef, bloody. It every went down at club W.I.P. In SoHo, whereby the rappers to be celebrating Ne-Yo’s administer birthday. The interaction began with an alcohol addict olive branch, as person trash deserve to Chris Brown attempted to do nice v Rihanna’s various other ex, sending out the Drake camp a party of Champagne. Drake sent back the peace offering as a Trojan horse, it is registered a keep in mind reading, “I’m still fucking Rihanna.” The repetitively violent Brown did no take kindly to this information, sparking a melee that left the bruised and bloody. Later on that night, Brown accused Drake of “hiding in the bathroom” together their particular crews pertained to blows.

Despite an additional Rihanna-Drake collaboration, 2012’s “Take Care,” the Barbadian songstress at some point reunited with Brown; the controversial couple’s reunion lasted from September 2012 through might 2013. In Hooters throughout North America, Drake gathered strength and also waited out the storm.

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Come 2014, TMZ was when again advertising Drake and Rihanna a couple. Drake said Rolling rock that Rihanna to be his “ultimate fantasy,” while kris Brown’s rep told web page Six the Brown was “happy discovered someone.”

2015 confirmed that when Drake truly loves someone, the sets lock free. And also if she no come ago to him, the starts dating Serena Williams. If Rihanna and also her alleged boos, from Lewis Hamilton come Travis Scott, made headlines, she confessed to Vanity same that kris Brown was her last “real, official” boyfriend. That’s got to sting. However being repetitively denied ~ above newsstands across the civilization didn’t avoid Drake from teaming up v his favorite fun buddy rotate collaborator. 2016 lugged us not one however two joint tracks—Rihanna’s “Work” and also Drake’s “Too Good.” Both of the romantic singles fueled relationship rumors, together did the 2 sexy videos because that “Work”: eight straight, extremely superfluous minutes of Rihanna grinding up on Drake.

But ~ eight years of letting RiRi take his love because that granted, Drake currently seems hell-bent on proving to the civilization that he and also Rihanna are actually obtaining it on. In the wake up of Sunday night’s curve heard ’round the world, Drake took to Instagram come prove the his crush go actually like him. Like-like him! In the early on hours that Monday morning, Champagne Papi post a couple-y pic of the on-again, off-again couple, accused from a recent date at Toronto’s aquarium. The course, this gift Drake, the saccharine shot reflects him kissing Rihanna ~ above the cheek. Yet hey, she’s not proactively moving away. Or perhaps she is, because this is simply a picture—one that Drake love so much that he retained it on his camera roll and Instagrammed it choose a month later.