Image description: component of a fat person’s ceiling arm and also torso space shown, forming an summary shape.

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“Health no an obligation, a barometer the worthiness, or entirely within ours control. People’s health and looks space going to adjust over time.”

» Ragen Chastain

The first thing you should understand about your bigger body and blood push is that high blood press is no your fault, and it’s not a moral failing. High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects many people, plenty of of who aren’t fat, and it can be resulted in by numerous factors, consisting of genetics, stress, chronic illness, specific other health conditions, food intake and also life components that protect against you native spending much time in movement.

The 2nd thing you need to understand about large bodies and also blood pressure is that utilizing the suitable size cuff really does do a difference in your numbers — possibly sufficient to put you in the “high blood pressure” classification when that might not be accurate. If your physician tells friend you have actually high blood pressure, you have the right to ask which size cuff they’re using, and also to request a bigger cuff. Every doctor’s office need to have big cuffs in enhancement to the tool size that’s offered by default (and if your doctor doesn’t have actually one top top hand, that’s miscellaneous they should correct ideal away, due to the fact that they’re giving fat people inaccurate information).

The 3rd thing you need to understand is that being fat has actually not been proven reason high blood pressure. People of all sizes and also ages have actually high blood pressure.

Now the we’ve created that having high blood press isn’t a ethical failing or punishment because that being fat, let’s look at the logistics of measuring blood pressure. Despite many human being are just fine only having their blood push measured at the doctor’s office as needed, you may want to store a closer eye ~ above it, or her doctor may ask friend to save track of it at house for various reasons.

Depending on just how your specific body is shaped, girlfriend may uncover that some cuffs work much better than others. (Learn an ext here, with a content warning about use of the o* word and fatphobia.) Though we haven’t personally tested every recommendation below, every one comes recommended by someone in a fat body. Other locations to find an extra-large blood pressure cuff include your regional drugstore. Friend may also be able to visit your local fire station and also request the your blood press be measured.

It’s important to use a blood push cuff that’s actually the best size for her arm. Be certain to measure up your eight (you can use a measure up tape, or use a item of record or string and also then measure up that) to see what dimension you need. Just due to the fact that the cuff will an ext or much less physically right on your eight doesn’t typical that it’s the right fit.

If you have a blood press monitor you already like, friend may have the ability to replace just the cuff v a larger one indigenous the very same manufacturer. Friend might likewise consider using wrist or thigh cuffs, or utilizing a consistent sized cuff on your forearm, despite the readings might not be together accurate. Remember the as long as her readings room consistently off, a few points in one direction or the other deserve to be taken into account every time you measure up (and report back to her doctor).

To ensure the you’re getting precise reading, take your new cuff to her doctor’s office (assuming they have actually a cuff that will certainly fit you) and make sure the readings match. Her blood pressure generally rises and falls transparent the day, so make certain you measure up at the very same time that day. Here’s some more information indigenous the American love Association on exactly how to measure her blood pressure properly and also accurately.

Curious around managing blood pressure in ways that don’t require you come buy into diet culture or yo-yo dieting? below are some wellness at every size (HAES) blood pressure management tips from nutritionist Meghan Cichy (PDF).

Here room 13 extra-large blood press cuffs to shot out on your extraordinary, worthy large body.

1. LifeSource upper Arm Blood press Monitor with Extra huge Cuff

Image description: A white blood push monitor with a grey screen that has actually numbers indicating the dimensions of the blood press reading. There is buttons one with an M, one through a clock, and also a start button. Over there is a light blue cuff rolled up along the top.

This screen is the many widely recommended across fat-only spaces i beg your pardon is why the is in ~ the height of our list! The extra-large cuff fits 16.5″ to 23.6″ arms. It has actually been clinically validated for accuracy and also is simple to store. The device allows you come recall the last 60 readings in the device’s memory. The tapered cuff is designed come fit about the natural shape that your arm for a more accurate reading.

Image description: there is a irradiate blue blood push cuff rolled up v a grey cord tucked into it. The is lined grey inside and has a strip of eco-friendly along the bottom.

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This durable and also contoured huge D-ring cuff fits arms 13″ come 17″ in circumference. Prior to you acquisition a house blood press monitor, it’s crucial to identify the finest cuff size for you. To recognize your arm size, usage a cloth measuring tape and measure the one of your left upper arm midway between your elbow and also shoulder. Ensuring that the blood push cuff is neither too tight no one too loose will help ensure the most accurate readings providing you a much more accurate photo of her heart’s health. This cuff is only compatible with Omron Blood pressure models.