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NEW olions ( Remember “The actual World: brand-new Orleans”? Well, the mansion made famed by the popular, long-running MTV series is top top the sector for a buyer. The residence was used throughout the 24th season that the reality present which concentrated on team of strangers every living together in one residence in 2010.

The Uptown home at 1633 Dufossat Street is because that sale for $2,650,000. According to, the mansion has actually 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and also is 8,813 square feet v a pool on property.

The home is provided by Keller Williams Realty new Orleans. Britt Galloway is the listing agent.


Lebanon pauses amid tense patience after deadly total battles

by sarah EL DEEB, linked Press / Oct 15, 2021

BEIRUT (AP) — Schools, banks and also government offices throughout Lebanon shut under Friday after hours of total battles in between heavily armed militias killed seven people and terrorized the inhabitants of Beirut.

The government called for a day of mourning complying with the equipped clashes, in which gunmen supplied automatic weapons and also rocket-propelled grenades ~ above the streets of the capital, echoing the nation’s darkest era that the 1975-90 polite war. The total battles increased the specter the a return to sectarian violence in a country already struggling through among the world worst economic dilemmas of the previous 150 years.

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Russia struggles to meet global orders because that Sputnik V vaccine

by REGINA GARCIA CANO, DARIA LITVINOVA and also JUAN PABLO ARRAEZ, connected Press / Oct 15, 2021
CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Esperita García de Perez acquired her first vaccination against COVID-19 in May. That, along with her Catholic faith, made her feel far better protected versus the virus, and she had actually hoped to gain her 2nd shot of the Russian-developed Sputnik V vaccine a few weeks later.

But the 88-year-old is quiet waiting. She was infected v the virus critical month, and now her wishes for survival are pinned top top the host of medications and also home treatment she is receiving.


More repression, under jobs: Jordanians face bleak outlook

by KARIN LAUB, associated Press / Oct 15, 2021
AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — together a poorly paid public college teacher, Khaled Jaber always needed a next hustle, functioning as a personal tutor and also using his car as a taxi to aid pay the bills. For unexpected needs, such as medical expenses, that has had actually to loaned money from relatives.

Somehow, the 44-year-old muddled with life, continual by his love of teaching high college Arabic and also the respect his task earned that in the community.