A north Carolina mrs hellbent ~ above looking favor animated 1990s movie vixen Jessica Rabbit has sunk an ext than $100,000 into costly surgical actions to accomplish her bizarre dream — consisting of the remove of six ribs.

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"I to be transforming myself from human being to living cartoon," wrote aspiring fashion model Pixee Fox on her blog Plasticdoll Transformation, i beg your pardon chronicles she dangerous revolution from mrs to sex rabbit.


Aspiring version Pixee Fox has spent around $121,000 on surgeries in an attempt to look like cartoon personality Jessica Rabbit. (Pixee Fox via Instagram)

come date, Fox, a former electrician from Sweden, has actually gone under the knife a whopping 15 times and invested an estimated $121,000 on risky to work that incorporate four chest augmentations, four nose jobs, liposuction a Brazilian target lift and — many shockingly — the removed of 6 ribs through a physician in Indianapolis.

The risky rib removal procedure — known as a bilateral rib resection and also typically scheduled to treat major medical problems — was performed over five hours.

The 25-year-old ignored doctor"s orders of six-week recovery, rather jumping into action in a stomach-cinching corset and also a tiny 14-inch waist two days later.

Fox shrugged turn off critics, that she claims technique her top top the street — just to tell her the she looks favor a cartoon character.

"I recognize the concern yet I think my health is much far better than most civilization in the western world today," Fox created to her 70,000 followers on Instagram earlier this month.

"I don"t smoke, drink or do drugs," she added in the post. "I eat just organic food and also workout. I try not come take any kind of other meds than antibiotics after surgery because I don"t want to poison mine body. Not even pain meds. Yes, I do surgery due to the fact that it is a enthusiasm of mine. I love it and also it makes me feeling great."

Still, Fox"s enormous group of online fans haven"t come the end in droves to support the would-be model"s obsession — a Gofundme page launched Oct. 28 to raise money for more surgery has garnered just a paltry $557.

"Being a plastic doll is "high maintenance" so every little thing helps!" she created on the page, adding that, besides Jessica Rabbit, her other cartoon idols encompass Aurora from sleeping Beauty and also Holli would from Cool World.

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Jessica Rabbit increased to fame adhering to the success of the technically dazzling 1988 flick "Who Framed roger Rabbit," an animated hit the starred actress catalent Turner together the voice the the title character"s seductive wife.