This is a guide to farming Raw Meats, a product in The Legend the Zelda: Breath that the Wild (BotW). Discover where to acquire Raw Meats, that buy and sell prices, and what you can do with it.

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Raw Meat basic Info

life Meat Item type
Meat derived from animals in plains and also forests. You can eat it raw, however cooking it will make it much more delicious and nutritious.

Raw Meat Effects

love Recovery food preparation Effect

Raw Meat to buy Prices

to buy Price

Where to farm yard Raw Meats

Raw Meat Locations and also Sources

resources reduce By
Creature Drop
Snowcoat FoxGrassland FoxMountain GoatWoodland Boar

What To execute With life Meats

Sell because that Rupees

Raw Meat have the right to be sold for 8 Rupees. However, us recommend looking into other uses instead.

Item market Price
Raw Meat 8

Use It because that Cooking

Raw Meat deserve to be used to whip up the adhering to recipes and elixirs.

Meat and also Rice BowlMeat and also Seafood FryMeat CurryMeat Stew
Salt-Grilled MeatSpiced Meat Skewer

Use It for Armor Upgrades

Raw Meat have the right to be used to update the following armor through an excellent Fairies.

There room no entries for this item.

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Where to farm Raw Meats: Locations and Prices

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