price Ratio total Assets Under administration Dividend yield Turnover proportion 1 Year money Level operation 1 Year total Returns (Daily) Annualized every Time complete Returns (Daily) Max Drawdown (All)
0.69% 8.547B 0.00% 49.00%
-243.58M 23.36% update update

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Investment Strategy
The investment looks for long-term development of capital. The fund normally invests at the very least 65% of its total assets in equity and also equity-related securities of companies that exceed $1 billion in sector capitalization and also that the manager believes have above-average expansion prospects. These providers are generally thought about medium- come large-capitalization companies. Equity-related securities in which the fund primarily invests are usual stocks, nonconvertible preferred stocks and also convertible securities.

Security Type Mutual Fund
Oldest share Symbol PJFAX
Equity Style Large Cap/Growth
Fixed income Style --
Broad legacy Class US Equity
Broad Category Equity
Category Name Large Growth
Category Index Russell 1000 development TR USD
Prospectus Objective Growth
Fund Owner firm Name PGIM accumulation (Prudential)

Prospectus Benchmark Index
Russell 1000 development TR USD 100.0%
Broad Asset class Benchmark Index
^SPXTR 100.0%
Manager Tenure
Kathleen McCarragher 22.60 yrs
Spiros “Sig” Segalas 22.60 yrs
Michael Del Balso 21.35 yrs
Blair Boyer 2.34 yrs
Natasha Kuhlkin 2.34 yrs
Rebecca Irwin 2.34 yrs

Forecasted 5 Yr income Growth upgrade
Forecasted book Value Growth update
Forecasted Cash circulation Growth update
Forecasted earnings Growth upgrade
Forecasted Revenue Growth update

Alpha (5Y) update
Beta (5Y) update
Annualized standard Deviation that Monthly returns (5Y Lookback) upgrade
historical Sharpe proportion (5Y) update

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historic Sortino (5Y) upgrade
Max Drawdown (5Y) 31.59%
Monthly value at danger (VaR) 5% (5Y Lookback) upgrade