Rapper 42 Dugg virtually captains the development team versus Nick"s transformation squad in a run battle, room You Smarter than a Rapper? and Wildstyle.

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Shelah bring away an impromptu trip without Ace, Amara gets tough about her mom"s health, Trina day plans go off the rails, and business matters interfere v Sukihana"s relationship.

Ryan faces fallout indigenous his actions, Charmaine juggles job-related while maintaining her family first, Don deals with a health scare, and also Phor concerns his future as he gets ready for fatherhood.

Erica banks captains Team advancement in games of large "Ol Booty, space You Smarter 보다 a Rapper?, kick "Em the end the Classroom and also Wildstyle, and then performs she viral hit "Buss It."

Family drama erupts at Rasheeda"s cool opening, the guys have actually a mental health and wellness check-in, Spice concerns an apology at her album release party, and also Scrappy gets rid of up rumors.

Trina reconsiders her management team after ~ a bungled photo shoot, Shelah Marie it s okay advice on just how to connect with she mother-in-law, and Miami Tip procedures in to defend Suki from J Kelly.
CJ and Team Evolution battle Nick"s Team transformation for a shot in ~ the desire comedy chain in large "Ol Booty, space You Smarter 보다 a Rapper?, gained Damned and also Wildstyle, and CJ take away the stage.
A pregnant teenager sought to assistance her household with a $9-an-hour project at a dollar store but wound up working for one of South Florida"s greatest illegal bookies.
Suki"s Instagram half creates trouble v her grand opening, Florence confronts Marlon over his cheating, and babysitting it s okay Trina thinking about motherhood.
Scrappy"s friends fear for his mental health after a worrying society media post, Erica meets through divorce lawyers, and also Kirk and also Rasheeda uncover out who"s to be stealing indigenous the bistro.
Love & i know good Hop"s Kirk and also Rasheeda command Team Evolution versus Nick and also Team revolution in baby Daddy, infant Mama; deserve to I Cancel?; Backseat of my Ride and also Wildstyle; and also Money Mo performs.
Victor Lupis tried come outrun a traumatic childhood through snatching diamonds from jewel stores, yet the money couldn"t conserve him from the ache of a substance usage disorder.
Momma Dee returns from Dubai v news for Scrappy, freckles balances her love life through her career, and Renni has a windy faceoff through her mother.
Suki deals with her arrest, beam J gets a much-needed cooking lesson, Amara reconnects with her dad and learns one upsetting secret, and also Florence channels her anger at Marlon right into her music.
Rick Ross leads Team Evolution against Nick"s Team change in gamings of infant Daddy, baby Mama; Greenery Screenery; space You Smarter than a Rapper? and also Wildstyle before performing "Pimpin"."
Amara is conflicted about staying in the D.R. V Allan, beam J and also Princess involved Miami trying to find married friends, and Florence focuses on work while her husband action suspiciously.
An unexpected guest transforms Yandy"s barbecue upside down, Judy confronts Momma Dee, and Eric cooks up a romantic surprise for Sierra.

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Jodi Mattinson left behind she Mormon family and also an abusive husband to create an escort empire, yet the legislation never obtained off she tail until they placed her behind bars.