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Publisher: University press Online publishing date: June 2012Print publication year: 2005Online ISBN: 9780511813382

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This new seventh version of the publication offers extensive discussion of information, uncertainty, and game theory. It consists of over a hundred examples portraying the applicability of economic evaluation not only to mainline financial topics but additionally issues in politics, history, biology, the family, and also many other areas. These discussions generally explain recent research published in academic books and articles, providing students a great idea of the scientific job-related done by experienced economists. In addition, at ideal places the text provides "applications" representing an ext extended discussions of selected topics consisting of rationing in wartime (Chapter 5), income quotas (Chapter 7), alleged monopolistic suppression of inventions (Chapter 9), minimum wage regulations (Chapter 11), the effects of Social protection upon conserving (Chapter 15), fair department of disrupted building (Chapter 16) and also whether individuals should salary ransom come a kidnapper (Chapter 17).

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‘This saturday edition of a now classic text in intermediate microeconomics creates the topic in a lively way that need to be attractive come both students and also teachers alike … This is arguably among the couple of best intermediary level mixed economy textbooks around.’

Abhinay Muthoo - college of Essex

‘Price Theory and also Applications is a classic, but one the refreshes itself with every edition. Now, together ever, it has actually two particular strengths. One is in teaching the reader how to think choose an economist, in ~ a level both elementary and also deep. The various other is in its many examples attracted from the best and latest financial research.’

Eric Rasmusen - Indiana University

‘For coverage, clarity, and also cleverness, this is the best microeconomic book accessible today. The engaging instances illustrate the importance and beauty that microeconomics. The publication highlights relevancy there is no compromising rigor.’

Todd Sandler - college of southern California

‘The saturday edition of this standard text continues the heritage that Jack Hirshleifer started with at an early stage editions of the book. The doesn"t simply teach the basics of microeconomics like numerous of the rivals. It gives deep insights right into the topic so the students walk away v a clear and rich expertise of what microeconomics is really about.’

Michael Waldman - Cornell University

‘This thorough revision of among the ideal microeconomics texts offers fresh insights for a hold of interesting problems … fun to read, v an offbeat and lively style. That transparent analyses do the arguments easily accessible and understandable come students. ‘

Paul J. Zak - Claremont Graduate University

"When I essential a message for intermediate microeconomics, I had actually three criteria in mind: (1) a rigorous exposition that consisted of calculus and also yet walk not require the leader to be a mathematician, (2) a discussion of cardinal matches ordinal utility v a 3-D graph reflecting indifference curves as contour currently on a energy surface, and (3) a publication containing numerous real-world examples and applications. When I opened up Price Theory and Applications, ns knew mine search had actually ended. Its wonderful treatment of resources theory - in specific the frequently neglected distinction between rent and also interest - was simply icing top top the cake.