Pretty tiny Liars has been ~ above hiatus since March, but it"s back tomorrow. Come coincide with its ~dramatic~ return, Aeropostale has actually launched the 2nd collection in their PLL collaboration. The pieces hit stores yesterday and were draft by Mandi Line, the show"s costume designer (also the costume designer on Faking It!). Us chatted with her about the new collection, i beg your pardon character"s layout she likes the best, and whether come expect more pieces in the future. STYLE: how would you describe the overall style ~ above Pretty small Liars?

MANDI LINE: The in its entirety style is fun, unique, obtainable, and wild. Girlfriend never understand what to expect.

How do the clothing in this collection fit through each character?

I did my finest to make sure that the collection, which is for the fans, was together iconic as possible. Who wants stuff they have the right to buy anywhere, any type of day?

How execute they differ from the first Pretty small Liars x Aeropostale collection you did?

I don"t think they different much more than the truth that they"re for an additional season. This collections simply keep getting much more PLL! There"s more jewelry and much more T-shirts.

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Which personality is most basic to architecture for?

I would say Aria. Her pieces just come 2nd nature to me. She is everything I wanted to be yet never obtained to.


The t-shirt in Emily"s collection.Photo: Aeropostale

Who is the most difficult?

They every come so normally to me now, to be honest—it"s never ever hard. I think that gets hard sometimes transforming Shay Mitchell into Emily—she is a glamazon and also that can"t be denied!


Aria"s complete look for the collection.Photo: Aeropostale

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

My favorite, I have to say, is the dress from Hanna"s collection. You can pair it with boots, heels, a jean jacket, or a moto jacket. It might be supervisor girly yet it"s also very versatile.

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Hanna"s dress from the new collection.Photo: Aeropostale

Can us expect much more PLL x Aeropostale in the future?

Yes, you can expect more. We have actually three more collections dropping transparent the fall, and there will definitely be more iconic PLL looks. Store your eyes the end for them!

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