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CARBONDALE, Ill. — A video clip of a pregnant woman and also her 6-year-old daughter to dance in your living room has gone viral.

Nikki Taylor, that Carbondale, Illinois, post the video clip to she Facebook web page on Friday, June 26.

The video begins v an introduction from she adorable daughter, Jaylyn. That’s once we find out that Nikki is eight month pregnant.

The dance duo then proceeds to acquire down to the well-known hip-hop song, ‘Watch Me (Whip/Nae/Nae).’

According to BuzzFeed, Nikki initially filmed the video clip for her fiance, Blaine, when he to be at work. She later made decision to write-up it to on facebook for friends, and also says she had no idea it would certainly blow up so quickly.

The video clip currently has much more than 23 million video clip views on Facebook.

Watch the adorable video clip in the player above

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