Moanais a 2016 American3Dcomputer-animatedmusicalfantasy-adventure filmproduced byWalt Disney computer animation Studiosand released byWalt Disney Pictures. The is the 56thDisney animated attribute film. Command byRon ClementsandJohn Musker, co-directed byDon HallandChris Williams, the movie introducesAuli'i Cravalhoas Moana and also features the voices ofDwayne Johnson,Rachel House,Temuera Morrison,Jemaine Clement,Nicole Scherzinger, andAlan Tudyk. The film features songs created byLin-Manuel MirandaandOpetaia Foa'iand orchestral score written byMark Mancina.

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On thePolynesianislandof Motunui, the residents worship the goddess dare Fiti, who carried life come the ocean, utilizing apounamustone together her heart and the resource of her power.Maui, the shapeshifting demigod and master the sailing, steals the heart to offer humanity the strength of creation. However, dare Fiti disintegrates, and also Maui is struck by dare Kā, a volcano demon, losing both his magical huge fishhook and the heart to the depths.

A millennium later, Moana, daughter that Motunui's chief Tui, is preferred by the s to return the heart to car Fiti. However, Tui arrives and takes Moana away, causing her to lose the heart. Tui and also Moana's mom Sina try to save her far from the ocean to prepare for she ascension as the island's chief. Year later, ~ Moana has grown older, ablightstrikes the island, rotting the coconuts and dwindling the variety of fish caught. Moana argues going beyond the island'sreefto find an ext fish, yet Tui forbids it. Sina explains to Moana the Tui and his ideal friend do the efforts going beyond the reef, however the latter perished. Moana and her petpigPua shot conquering the reef yet are overpowered by the ocean's tides and also end up shipwrecked earlier on Motunui.

Moana's grandm Tala shows her a mystery cave, wherein a variety of ships space hidden, revealing come Moana that their world used to be voyagers. Tala describes they stopped when Maui stole car Fiti's heart and that dare Kā's darkness is poisoning the island, yet it can be cured if Moana and also Maui return the love to te Fiti, which she gives to Moana. Tala falls ill shortly after and also dies, but not before encouraging Moana come go and fulfil she destiny.

Moana to adjust sail on adruafound in the cavern, accidentally add by she dim-wittedroosterHeihei. Moana is captured in atyphoonand shipwrecked on one island wherein she finds the stranded Maui, that traps her and also steals the camakau, but Moana records up to him with aid from the ocean. She needs that Maui return the heart however he refuses. Maui is add by a sentient "Mini-Maui" tattoo, acting together his conscience.

They are attacked by Kakamora—coconut-armoredpirates—who look for to stealing the heart, yet Moana and also Maui outwit them. Moana realizes Maui is no much longer a hero, and also convinces him come redeem himself by return the heart. Maui an initial needs to achieve his magical fishhook, i beg your pardon is situated in Lalotai, the kingdom of Monsters, and also is in the possession the Tamatoa, a giant, greedycoconut crab. Moana start Tamatoa's lair, using herself together live bait to distract him and allowing Maui to rise atop the crab and retrieve his fishhook. However, Maui discovers that cannot control his shapeshifting and loses self-confidence, quickly coming to be overpowered by Tamatoa. Moana's fast thinking enables them come escape through Maui's hook. Maui reveals the his first tattoo was earned as soon as his mortal parents rejected him. After ~ reassurance indigenous Moana, Maui teaches she the art of sailing and regains regulate of his powers.

The 2 arrive in ~ Te Fiti's island, only to be assaulted by dare Kā, who badly loss Maui's fishhook. Worn down of all the trials and tribulations and also fearful the will shed his hook, and also therefore his power, Maui angrily abandons Moana, that tearfully asks the s to find someone else to gain back the heart. The ocean obliges and also takes the heart from Moana. Tala's heart appears, inspiring Moana to find her true calling. Moana decides to fulfill her destiny, retrieves the heart, and also sails ago to face Te Kā. Maui returns, encouraged by his Mini-Maui tattoo to adjust his mind, and buys Moana time to with Te Fiti through fighting dare Kā, ruining his fishhook in the process. Moana discovers te Fiti is missing, and also realizes dare Kā is te Fiti without her heart. Moana speak the ocean to clear a path while singing, allowing her to regain Te Fiti's heart, transforming her back to normal. Te Fiti climate heals the ocean and also islands the Te Kā's poison. Maui apologizes come Te Fiti, who forgivingly restores his fishhook and goes into a deep sleep. Moana bids farewell come Maui, returning residence where she reunites through her parents. Moana takes increase her role as chief andwayfinder, leading her world on a voyage, accompanied native afar through Maui (in a type of a gianthawk) and also Tala (in the form of amanta ray).

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In a post-credits scene, Tamatoa, still grounding on his back,addresses the audience, learning they would aid if he to be namedSebastianand sang in aJamaican accent(making referral toThe small Mermaid).