There room a broad array of gorgeous picture frames that look prefer windows top top the industry today. Native the ever-popular farmhouse decor layout to a simplistic, minimalist aesthetic, whichever architecture is her favorite, yes sir a window-like picture frame for you. Even if it is you’re the do-it-yourself form or if you like to click that order button and wait because that the Amazon driver to ring your doorbell, either way, we’ve discovered the perfect window-like framework for you!

A sure-fire architecture element the will draw in the eye and create a sense of airiness to any room is gorgeous photo frames the look choose a window. Including a picture frame the looks like a home window to a room is a good way to include depth and also sense that air without breaking the bank. When also adding brightness come the room, this frames have the right to mimic a home window where one isn’t available.

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If you in the industry for a photo frame that looks favor a window, wondering how to stick images to old windows, or have actually questions about window illusions, then this post is for you! In no certain order (although us may have our eye top top number 5 on this list), this is a listing the 11 that our favorite frames that look choose windows.

11 Window-like photo Frames

1. Cathedral-style Frame

We absolutely dropped in love with these rustic farmhouse home window frames. The cathedral arches coupled v the white finish will it is in a gorgeous addition to any kind of room. When these window panes aren’t outfitted through glass, those who formerly purchased this items say that it wouldn’t be difficult to add a pane the glass thanks to the deep well within of the frame.


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2. Rustic Farmhouse-style Wooden home window Pane

This rustic home window pane is accessible in a distressed farmhouse-style; however, it could easily be revolutionized to right in with any type of decor by including a cloak of paint, a few embellishments, and also some stunning family photos.


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3. Vintage-Look White window Frame

This adorable vintage-style white home window frame is a mirror! This home window frame comes v a solid wood frame and also is complete with a hanging rod. It also slides from side to side! The classic white and also black color combination easily fits in with plenty of styles.


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4. Vintage Farmhouse Photo frame with Handle

This embellished window pane comes adorned v hinges and also a cute handle, giving this photo framework an antique finish. We love the the matte deserve to be removed, which enables the option of 4×6 or 5×7 photos.


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5. Rustic Collage Windowpane picture Frame

This snapshot frame combine a beautiful and sturdy window frame with attached chicken wire – it likewise comes with handy clips for displaying photos and other memorabilia.


Click right here to watch Kate and Laurel’s photograph Collage windowpane at Amazon.

6. Chicken-wire Window-style photo Frames

Chicken wire and window photo frames are becoming an ext and an ext popular this days, however not everyone’s right into the farmhouse-look. This two-pack that frames is perfect because that someone who desires to produce their own layout using this wire and also wood combination.


Click right here to check out Bright developments Chicken cable Window snapshot Frame set (pack the 2) in ~ Amazon.

7. Decorative window Pane Collage Frame

If you’re trying to find options, this collage frame from a window glass will execute the trick! complete with steel corners and also hanging hardware, this frame is quickly wall-mounted or have the right to be presented on a tabletop as well.


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8. Scenic window Frame picture on Canvas

This scenic view is not only a photo – yet the frame is too! If you’re worried about a heavy frame on your wall, this canvas arts of home window framed view could be perfect because that you. Bonus – you’ll always have that vacation view.


Click here to watch Woxfcart’s Scenery home window Frame Canvas at Amazon.

9. Stunning Wedding Photo display screen using a Vintage window Pane

If you occur to point out a vintage home window pane, or if you’re lucky sufficient to have actually one hanging around the house, this can be the perfect way to screen your many treasured memories.

10. Window Pane Turned imaginative Display

Think exterior the box as soon as it pertains to using your window frame because that display. It’s not simply photos that can be an installed within a frame, but artwork and creative displays, too!

11. Upcycled Antique window Pane turned photograph Frame

We love the idea of gluing small clips ~ above the glass that the home window panes to do it much easier to switch the end the picture as new ones come in.

How execute you stick pictures to old windows?

There space a couple of – permanent and also non-permanent – means to stick photos to old windows. A common method in the crafting civilization is by utilizing a glue the is designed simply for this function to affix photos to old windows, such as mod Podge. If you’re doubtful to adhere pictures directly to the glass and would prefer to rotate the photos within the frame, over there is an additional option for you. The invisible ice cream is a good temporary equipment that provides adhering photos to frames a breeze!

Can you hang a photo over a window?

If you’ve ever before wondered if you have the right to hang a snapshot over a window, you’re no alone. It’s among our most typically asked questions! Ultimately, favor most design trends, it every comes under to preference and also style. While that isn’t usual to hang a photo over a window, it isn’t unheard of.

If you’re reasoning of do the efforts this trend and also aren’t sure where come start, consider a bright and also airy room with several windows. If you’re walking to cave a snapshot over a window, you’ll want to pick a home window without any functioning blinds or drapes, which could potentially (and accidentally) knock that down. Every you need is a little bit of confidence and also a nail or adhesive hook and also a photo that won’t cover the entire window to tackle this trend.

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How execute you do a home window illusion?

If you have actually a space in your home without a window, you might be curious how to do a home window illusion. A home window illusion can make a room seem brighter and much more open. As we mentioned, photo frames the look prefer windows space a good way to produce a window illusion. An additional one of our favorite methods to produce the illusion of a window is by making use of mirrors. There room two ways to develop the illusion of a home window using mirrors. First, if you have an empty windowpane, you could insert a mirror within the panes. The tricky component might it is in finding mirrors to fit in ~ the panes. An additional option is by utilizing a mirror and also gluing strips of lumber or dowels onto the mirror to develop the look at of a windowpane. Every that’s left is a little of paint!

Window Panes turned photo Frames

There space so many methods when using home window panes as picture frames, no issue the size or style. Even if it is you decision to purchase or DIY, the options are limitless. We hope you discovered inspiration for your next design project.