Oh my goodness ~ above a pair of occasions through phone and a very safe covid pickup ns am loyal for life!!! These men are the best and also Soo knowledgeable i had plenty of questions around a certain spice castle are an excellent and so sensibly priced. Yep, thanks...Im a huge fan...

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This is freckles Heaven! The an extremely best assortment of high top quality spices and also items in the state! Really, the impressive. Keep staff is therefore smart and Friendly! great sales. The Owner of Penzeys is for this reason smart, even keeled and also aware the the State of the Union...bravo. So much respect because that him.

The spices space ok- not great. High value in comparison. Your cinnamon is yes, really good. But, for the price, ns can get cinnamon everywhere else. The employee is hit and also miss top top friendliness. The store is clean but very uninviting. It additionally seems like the store front is too huge for the inventory.Sadly, you wont feel really welcomed here. I had actually a run in with the founder that Penzeys Spices. What a hateful man. Sad. Made me realize that good cinnamon is no worth the trouble here. I do not shop areas that space not respectful the people. Ns will try The freckles House and also Savory summer sprouts from now on- ns hear they actually choose their customers.

Ive been using Penzeys Spices currently for ever since they opened up the doors sad that we cant go indoors and also smell the good smells everything is online right now have the right to I chef with all of their good stuff

Penzeys is a tough brand to find in stores...but this is a Penzeys store, no a shelf section in someone elses. Always completely satisfied with the product, currently the world at this store entirely compliment the spices. Nice, friendly, clever banter maintaining the conversation interesting, not dry sales folk. Ns a new regular customer.

Sign on the door says open till six, curbside pick up. Liven signal from 5pm it spins 6pm. Ns assuming they gain a run on your endoif day regime by acquisition the phone off the hook.

My favourite spice store. They have everything ; herbs, spices, blends and more. The staff is really nice and an extremely knowledgeable about their goods. Prices are very fair for the high high quality herbs and also spices castle have.

Please upgrade your store hrs so that its noted you room not open up on Sunday. Recently wasted expedition was no fun.

The spices, herbs, and also seasonings in ~ Penzeys room the finest Ive had. They are, in many cases, cheaper than what you acquire at the grocery store store, even while the high quality is higher. Plus, the owner of Penzeys share my political and also social values. Ns happy to invest my money v Penzeys.

My oldest brother had actually introduced me to Penzey’s Spices method back once ordering by mail was my just option, i was quite thrilled to uncover there was an yes, really brick and also mortar store just a couple of hours indigenous my residence after my last move.They have some really and also truly great spices, and I’ve sworn ok never have to be without their Vietnamese Cinnamon...it’s great to roasted with!

Great ar with a lot come do! Crowded but worth the to protect against by and walk through! and also of food you need to see the sea lions! lots to carry out for every period in your family!

Quality spices and also seasonings. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Unique bargains if you it is registered online. If you shot just one: Foxpoint.

As one enthusiastic chef Im constantly on the lookout for seasonings that room not quite usual, and so far I have discovered them every here. I like that they offer different amounts so i dont end up through a huge supply of an ext exotic spices that ns dont use that often. The shop is spacious and well organised.

I love this company! your herbs and spices space excellent, their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, theyre always discounting items - or giving them away for free! They hire a many older people. Theyre incredibly devoted to your message, i m sorry is the Cooks have the right to heal the world. This is a company that walks their talk. Go VISIT THEM. You wont be disappointed!

Was never also acknowledged, I had actually my arms complete of spices and also I had actually only unable to do in come buy one! The 2 women were challenge to challenge behind the counter having a loud conversation, i initially thought she was ringing her up!! They never once quit talking to help me, even when ns loudly told mine sister we needed to watch is Safeway had it. They used to have actually awesome customer service, greeted you when you to walk in, offered assist too. They no even shot to ask me if lock could assist after i placed my ingredient down and also walked out, i did turn around and they were both smiling. I occupational in customer service and also these 2 would be replaced!!

So many an excellent spices and brand-new favorite ones come explore. Lock usually have actually a freebie once you spend x lot kinda thing. Always super nice and helpful.

If you love spices then you will love the store. The range is overwhelming to say the least. Girlfriend will discover just about any spice the you can desire. Fairly amazing for a local shop.

The women are an extremely knowledgeable and constantly helpful. If they dont have actually what youre searching for they will refer you to one more local shop. Maintaining customers happy is their goal

Awsome products and also people. Be certain to authorize up because that email. Bill (owner i think) is a sweetheart. They space based in Wisconsin where a bunch the super foodstuffs are born.Great distinct offers given with numerous Love.

They are always so helpful and informative. That a wonderful place to purchase your food preparation needs, herbs, spices, etc.

Great place to obtain your spices. The keep for the person that is serious around their cooking and baking. Good customer service.

Ordering flavors online is well sometimes, yet its nice to be able to walk into a shop and sniff and sample spices, seasonings, and blends. Great selection of flavors plus several custom Penzeys blends and also some how amazing finds prefer a robust shallot salt and also freeze-dried minced garlic the manages to preserve so much of the fresh garlic taste and smell. The staff here is friendly and also on my an initial visit castle honored an expired freebie coupon. I choose their email blasts due to the fact that they generally include coupons for free spices in-store or online. Nicely done!

Always friendly, constantly knowledgeable and always with great prices - lots of low priced specials and freebies. They also have tiny jars of seasonings with is an extremely helpfu to aid make decisions, going forward, in trying brand-new spices.

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Great shop, so much product --- beautiful didplayed, advantageous staff....lots of revenue items, freebies, and also gift boxes! fun shopping!

They have actually a wide selection of slices. Great customer service. If youre prefer me, girlfriend will invest time smell the spices and also checking the end their free recipe center.

Address:736 farmers Ln, Santa Rosa, CA 95405, unified StatesSite:https://www.penzeys.com/Phone:+1 707-566-7772