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Paul Sebert/For The Peace, Love, and little Donuts team member Aaliya Meadows display screens a new tray the donuts at the downtown Huntington eatery.


Paul Sebert/For The Donuts v a wide selection of toppings space pictured at Peace, Love, and small Donuts on 3rd Avenue in downtown Huntington.

HUNTINGTON - Peace, Love, and small Donuts - Huntington\"s newest sweet point out - opened just prior to Thanksgiving top top Nov. 23, noting the second new eatery to open up on downtown Huntington\"s 3rd Avenue this month.

As a neighbor to the new Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries - a 1950s-style retro diner - Peace, Love, and small Donuts fits ideal in together a 1960s-style \"hippie\" doughnut shop. Developed in Pittsburgh, Peace, Love, and tiny Donuts is a relatively brand-new chain that has locations popping increase as far away as Utah and Florida.

\"I worked in oil and gas. I traveled a lot come Pittsburgh because that work, and in my travels I found the chain and ate there countless of times. They\"ve to be growing. There room 20 shop now,\" kris Hall said. Hall is a franchise co-owner in addition to his wife, Michele. \"After the Jolly Pirate location on 1st Street go out, I always thought there to be a real opportunity for a donut shop in this part of town.\"

Hall stated the doughnut shop\"s location fits right into the concept resources Venture coporation, group is arising in that area.

\"We knew about this building due to the fact that Jimmy Weiler and Phil Nelson of resources Venture Corp. Are developing these buildings. We told them what we were doing, and they assumed it might fit in well with the market ide that they\"re trying come do next door,\" room said. \"We very first looked in ~ this ar in so late spring, and also we began construction approximately late July/early August. This ar didn\"t have actually the infrastructure of a restaurant, and also there was electric work that had actually to be done.\"

While the doughnuts come in numerous flavors, there room three styles. \"Groovy\" are reasonably plain doughnuts that are glazed or covered in powdered sugar. \"Far Out\" doughnuts space covered in frosting. And then there are the \"Funkadelic\" doughnuts, i m sorry come in wide selection of flavors and toppings, including s\"mores, maple bacon, to apologize pie and also cherry cheesecake.

\"The key difference in between us is a most doughnut shops is that numerous do a most morning prep and also then offer them transparent the day. Our mechanism is design to it is in a continuous flow. We want them to be warm and also fresh. Also you deserve to customize them through all the different flavors and also toppings us have.\" room said. \"We have every little thing from salted caramel to strawberry cheesecake. We have about 60 different flavors.\"

Peace Love and tiny Donuts is situated at 803 3rd Ave. That is open up 7 a.m. To 4 p.m. Monday v Thursday; 7 a.m. Come 6 p.m. Friday and also Saturday; and also 8 a.m. Come 1 p.m. Sunday. For carry-out order and much more information contact 681-204-5687 or visit

Peace. Love, and small Donuts

TYPE: Doughnut shop

ADDRESS: 803 3rd Ave., Huntington

PHONE: 681-204-5687

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash and also all major credit cards

HOURS: 7 a.m. Come 4 p.m. Monday v Thursday; 7 a.m. To 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday; and also 8 a.m. To 1 p.m. Sunday

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