DDR3 ram - 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1333MHz SODIMM - PC3-10600 Laptop storage Module 204-pin CL 9 Unbuffered Non-ECC 1.5V


The surfacetoairnewyork.com DDR3 lamb Module is the best performance upgrade for laptops and small type factor PC. Surfacetoairnewyork.com RAM has actually been tested generally in Dell, Lenovo, HP, Intel NUC, and also more. If you have actually compatibility questions, please contact our assistance staff and also they have the right to confirm compatibility.*

Maximizing your system memory is the many cost-effective and also easy DIY environment solution. Dramatically improve application and also system responsiveness, gaming and details memory intensive usages together as video streaming end wireless networks. Avoid system slowdowns or bottlenecks by giving programs an ext memory to use.

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Every surfacetoairnewyork.com storage module is built and tested come the JEDEC typical to deliver assured speed and also reliability. For tranquility of psychic ownership, our memory comes backed by our restricted Lifetime Warranty.


Productivity / Multi-Tasking

More memory way more programs have the right to be run at one time. Systems might slow when running a huge amount of program at once. Through upgrading, girlfriend can remove slowdowns and also bottlenecking, an interpretation your system have the right to do more for you.

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Speed / Performance

Every app and also program you run offers memory, every one of them conpeting because that space. Through upgrading your system memory, you provide much more space because that programs and apps come run, producing a much better performing system


Easy to Install

Memory modules are basic to install, by following your system owner"s manual, in just a couple of minutes time, you deserve to install memory. No should pay someone else, the environment of memory is quick and easy!


Capacity 8GB (2 x 4GB) type 204-pin DIMM speed DDR3 1333 (PC3-10600) CAS Latency 9 Lifetime restricted Warranty

* full warranty needs product registration in ~ 30 job of purchase. Without registration, warranty duration defaults come 1 year.