Welcome come PayPal! PayPal benefits are designed to aid you assistance yourself and your family, for this reason you deserve to take care of what problem most. You need to receive your brand-new hire enrollment email 7-10 organization days after ~ your begin date. While your benefits are effective Day 1, the enrollment procedure will take it a couple of days. Remainder assured, if girlfriend enroll in benefits, her coverage begins on your first day. 

Benefits for the entirety you. We’re here to assistance you, no matter what life throws her way. Her health, her finances, her family—your as whole well-being. Our benefits cover every little thing from medical and prescription medicine to back-up care for children and also adults and anxiety management.

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As a brand-new hire, we understand you have actually a lot to think about. The complying with information will aid you navigate her benefits.

If girlfriend are recently eligible because that benefits, examine out these sources to far better understand the plans obtainable to you.

Once you complete your enrollment, it deserve to take a couple of days because that your arrangement selections to process through to the benefit arrangement providers. This is what you must do if you need to access care or do an appointment before you obtain your i would cards:

New providers may request payment at the time of service. If that happens, you can submit a case for reimbursement to her plan.Existing providers might be willing to hold off submitting your insurance claim until your insurance is verified.

We\"re cursed to advancing, cultivating, and also preserving a society of inclusion and also diversity. With that in mind, we have a grassroots activity of Diversity and also Inclusion neighborhoods where employees come with each other to build affect around a certain affinity—to attract, recruit, retain, and also develop peak talent and foster awareness, respect, and inclusion in ~ the workplace.

What you have to do

1. Enroll in your benefits within 30 days of your day of hire.

You have to take activity even if you desire to waive coverage. If you don\"t enroll by your deadline, you\"ll receive default coverage, i beg your pardon is employee-only coverage in the:

You immediately receive company-provided basic life and also accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance and short-term handicap (STD) insurance.

You’ll get ID cards for the medical/prescription and dental to plan within 2 weeks of enrollment. 

2. Getting your plan ID information prior to your insurance map arrival:

Coverage is reliable as of your date of hire/benefits eligibility date. I would cards take about 10 service days to obtain in the mail. If you require your team number or plan ID before receiving her cards, please refer to the health setup links below:

United Healthcare: gain your personalized information

3. Enroll in PayPal\"s 401(k) savings Plan—and get free money in your account.

PayPal matches 100% of your contribution, as much as 4% of her eligible compensation. You don’t desire to leave cost-free money ~ above the table. Plus, both employee and PayPal contribute are immediately 100% vested. So don’t wait! You deserve to enroll in the 401(k) plan on the Friday complying with your day of hire.

Tip! added to one more 401(k) plan this year? You\"ll need to administer that information to PayPal’s Payroll department. Visit the payroll page on HR Hub on the bridge to call ADP.

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Ready come enroll? follow these actions to choose your benefits.

Provider contact information