The 2019 Billboard Music Awards were held by Kelly Clarkson, that won the first season of "American Idol" when Abdul served as a judge.The show took ar at the MGM cool Garden Arena in las Vegas and aired top top NBC.

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Paula Abdul closed the end the Billboard Music Awards top top Wednesday v a medley power of her greatest hits.

The energetic performance began with Abdul alone top top a side stage. Dressed in an all-black ensemble, she did a brief tap dance routine prior to she started to song “Straight Up.” She was soon joined by a group of all-male backup dancers the she directed through the aisles top top the floor come the key stage.

The team of performers approached a big black platform on the stage that they every climbed and also danced on before Abdul moved on to sing “The method That friend Love Me.”

The singer kicked the energy up during the 2nd song and also jumped from the high platform into the arms of the dancers, who stood top top the ground. She ongoing to do a number of acrobatic moves together she transitioned to the track “Vibeology.”

Abdul was later on joined on stage by the animated character MC Skat Cat, who was featured in the top music video clip for “Opposites Attract.” The singer and cat danced in unison together she belted the end the words come the 1989 hit.


“Cold Hearted” to be the next song featured in the choreograph-heavy performance. Transparent the performance, Abdul continued to enthusiastically dance to her hit songs.

The performance began to wrap up when Abdul transitioned come “Forever your Girl.” The singer showed the audience her gratitude as she shook their hands and also bent under to greet a number of the civilization in the crowd.

Abdul concluded the performance once her dancers lifted her up in the air. Host Kelly Clarkson later on joined she onstage come close out the evening. If Clarkson joked the Abdul didn’t recognize who she was, the performer reassured the American Idol alum that she knew her.


This year point out the 30-year anniversary of once Abdul’s debut album,Forever her Girl,hit No. 1 ~ above the Billboard 200 albums chart after being on the perform for 64 weeks. The album attributes four singles that ordered the height spot on the Billboard warm 100 native 1989 come 1990.

The 2019 BBMAs were hosted by Kelly Clarkson. The awards consciousness took location Wednesday night indigenous theMGM cool Garden Arena in las Vegas and also aired ~ above NBC.

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The Billboard Music Awards is developed by prick Clark Productions — a department of Valence Media, the parent agency of the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group.


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