Practice and also practice harderTake your time to know the materialLearn the lifecycle and capability modulesMemorize the keywordsPreparing for ITIL? take it the ITIL foundation Practice exam to recognize where girlfriend stand!

What is ITIL 4 structure Exam?

AXELOS exit ITIL 4 in early on 2019. ITIL 4 is the latest variation in the development of ITIL, the standard collection of practices to support institutions through digital transformation. ITIL 4 is a start-to-finish it services design for the delivery and also operation of tech-enabled products and services. By following ITIL concepts, the operations groups can accomplish a greater function in in its entirety business strategy.

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The ITIL test is one entry-level certification the tests your general awareness of ITIL concepts. That covers the vital elements, concepts, and also terminology provided in the ITIL business lifecycle, including the links between lifecycle stages, the procedures used, and also their donation to business management practices. There are a full of 40 questions and the time border is 60 minutes. You need to score at least 65 percent (26 questions) to earn the ITIL structure Certification.

You can achieve AXELOS-accredited ITIL 4 structure certification by complying with these steps:

Take the test after completing the training.Score at least 65% top top the exam.Earn two ITIL credits through effective completion of the exam.

A an excellent resource to prepare is’s ITIL foundation Exam examine Guide. Chapters include:

The need for ITIL certificationThe 4 levels that ITIL certificationHow to examine for every chapterDownload the comprehensive ITIL Career guide to come to be a ITIL expert.

Top 5 ITIL test Tips

Practice and Practice Harder

Lots of practice cannot be understated once you are acquiring ready to take the test. One of the first steps is to familiarize yourself v the ITIL test pattern. Then, work-related on official sample papers and also practice concerns to get an idea that what the actual exam is like.While working on ITIL exercise tests, make sure that you adhere come time constraints come be sure that friend can complete the actual test on time. Among the most typical reasons because that failing to happen is running out of time and transforming in an incomplete exam. That why you must take exercise tests.

Take your Time to recognize the Material

Take time to know every concern as countless exam takers do mistakes because of not reading the questions thoroughly. Some questions will contain negative that could trip you up — e.g., “which the the complying with is no a life cycle module?” If you miss out on the no in this question, you might end up submitting the dorn answer. In other words, make sure you know the question entirely.

Memorize the Keywords

To pass the test, you require to get the keywords right. Keywords space terms supplied in ITIL such as:a) Service strategyb) Service designc) organization transitiond) service level agreementse) operational level agreementsIn the ITIL framework, keywords choose these connect to various other keywords. For example, customer value is connected to a service strategy module. Similarly, maintenance is connected to continual company improvement, and also so on. This will help you price the inquiries correctly and at a faster pace.

Think ITIL only

Many participants answer based upon their current or previous organizational practices, which deserve to backfire throughout the examination. Therefore, when taking the ITIL 4 foundation level exam, think only of ITIL processes and also best practices, no your previous experiences. This suggest of the test is to advice your knowledge of ITIL processes, functions, and concepts, not around how your organization implements IT company Management.


Things to take into consideration During the ITIL Exam

Taking an exam have the right to be a stressful event, no matter just how well you’ve prepared. Here are a couple of tips to help you obtain through the exam successfully:

Make certain you have everything you need for the exam, consisting of your pencil and participant number.Keep one eye top top the clock, however don’t issue — the hour border on the exam provides you about 1.5 minute to answer each multiple-choice question.Mark your answers clearly according to the instructions.Pick the end keywords in the framework of the question (e.g., not, could, must, incorrect, best, most, main, guarantee) the can assist you get rid of wrong answers.Answer the questions from one ITIL perspective rather than your personal experience. If you use your time wisely, girlfriend should have actually time, in the end, to testimonial your answers and also make certain you no miss any kind of questions.

After the Exam

Relax! If you all set for the exam, you shouldn’t have actually much to issue about. It have the right to take a couple of weeks to obtain your results.

Achieving ITIL certification allows you to join the AXELOS ar which gives members with free guidance from white papers and also blogs to situation studies. Friend will additionally get accessibility to a complete calendar the events and also conferences so the you have the right to stay as much as date and network v your peers. Happen the check is the communication for becoming an ITIL 4 managing Professional or ITIL Strategist, which can open up doors to more career development.

If girlfriend need more information and also assistance, is the ideal destination because that you. Either attend a two-day training yielded by professionals or take’s digital ITIL training for self-learning. Training native includes ITIL 4 structure practice tests. If you are currently an ITIL v3 Expert, you qualify to take it the ITIL 4 managing Professional shift Module maintain to begin you ~ above your course the come to be an ITIL 4 Master.

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Go with this video on “ITIL structure Tips and Tricks” yielded by ours ITIL experts that covers all the straightforward exam tips. Expect you find it beneficial.