The WannaCry ransomware struck across the world in might 2017. Learn exactly how this ransomware assault spread and how to defend your network from comparable attacks.

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UPDATE: may 23, 2017 00:30 GMT:

Symantec has uncovered additional links to an ext closely tie the WannaCry assaults with the Lazarus group. For additional details, see: WannaCry: Ransomware strikes show solid links to Lazarus group

UPDATE: might 15, 2017 23:24:21 GMT:

Symantec has uncovered two possible links that loosely tie the WannaCry ransomware attack and the Lazarus group:

Co-occurrence of well-known Lazarus tools and also WannaCry ransomware: Symantec determined the visibility of tools specifically used by Lazarus ~ above machines also infected with earlier versions of WannaCry. These previously variants the WannaCry go not have actually the ability to spread out via SMB. The Lazarus tools could potentially have been offered as technique of propagating WannaCry, however this is unconfirmed.

While this findings execute not suggest a critical link in between Lazarus and also WannaCry, we think that over there are enough connections come warrant more investigation. We will continue to share additional details of our study as the unfolds.

A virulent brand-new strain the ransomware known as WannaCry (Ransom.Wannacry) has actually hit thousands of thousands the computers worldwide since its emergence on Friday, may 12. WannaCry is far an ext dangerous than other usual ransomware varieties because of its capacity to spread out itself across an organization’s network by exploiting critical vulnerabilities in windows computers, which were patched by Microsoft in march 2017 (MS17-010). The exploit, recognized as “Eternal Blue,” to be released digital in April in the latest of a collection of leaks by a team known together the zero Brokers, who declared that it had stolen the data from the Equation cyber espionage group.

Am I defended from the WannaCry ransomware?

Symantec Endpoint defense (SEP) and also Norton have proactively blocked any attempt to make use of the vulnerabilities used by WannaCry, definition customers were completely protected prior to WannaCry very first appeared. SEP14 Advanced device Learning proactively clogged all WannaCry epidemic on day zero, without any kind of updates.

The Blue Coat an international Intelligence Network (GIN) provides automatic detection to all allowed products for web-based epidemic attempts.

Symantec and Norton customers are automatically protected against WannaCry making use of a combination of technologies. Proactive defense was listed by:

IPS network-based protectionSONAR behavior detection technologyAdvanced an equipment LearningIntelligent threat Cloud

Customers should have these technologies allowed for complete proactive protection. SEP customers space advised to move to SEP 14 come take benefit of the proactive protection provided by Advanced machine Learning signatures.

What is the WannaCry ransomware?

WannaCry searches for and encrypts 176 different file types and appends .WCRY come the finish of the file name. That asks individuals to pay a US$300 ransom in bitcoins. The ransom note shows that the payment amount will certainly be double after 3 days. If payment is not made after 7 days it claims the encrypted files will be deleted. However Symantec has actually not found any type of code in ~ the ransomware i m sorry would cause files to be deleted.

Can I recover the encrypted records or have to I salary the ransom?

Decryption that encrypted documents is not feasible at present however Symantec researchers proceed to inspection the possibility. See this article for additional details. If girlfriend have backup copies of affected files, you may have the ability to restore them. Symantec does not recommend paying the ransom.

In part cases, papers may it is in recovered without backups. Records saved ~ above the Desktop, my Documents, or top top a removable drive room encrypted and also their original duplicates are wiped. These space not recoverable. Files stored somewhere else on a computer are encrypted and also their original copies are simply deleted. This way they can be recovered utilizing an undelete tool.

When did WannaCry appear and also how quickly did the spread?

WannaCry very first appeared on Friday, may 12. Symantec saw a dramatic upsurge in the variety of attempts to make use of the windows vulnerabilities offered by WannaCry from around 8:00 GMT onwards. The number of exploit attempts blocked by Symantec dropped contempt on Saturday and Sunday however remained quite high. Manipulate numbers raised on Monday, presumably as civilization returned to work after the weekend.

Figure 1. Number of exploit attempts blocked by Symantec of windows vulnerability used by WannaCry per hour
Figure 2. Number of exploit attempts clogged by Symantec of home windows vulnerability offered by WannaCry per day
Figure 3. Heatmap showing Symantec detections because that WannaCry, may 11 to might 15

Who is impacted?

Any unpatched Windows computer is perhaps susceptible to WannaCry. Institutions are specifically at risk since of its ability to spread throughout networks and a number of organizations internationally have to be affected, the bulk of which space in Europe. However individuals can also be affected.

Is this a targeted attack?

Current WannaCry task is not thought to be component of a targeted attack.

Why is it resulting in so numerous problems because that organizations?

WannaCry has actually the capacity to spread out itself in ~ corporate networks without user interaction, by exploiting well-known vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. Computers that execute not have actually the latest Windows protection updates applied are at hazard of infection.

How is WannaCry spread?

While WannaCry can spread itself across an organization’s networks by exploiting a vulnerability, the initial method of infection—how the very first computer in an company is infected—remains unconfirmed. Symantec has actually seen some instances of WannaCry being held on malicious websites, however these appear to be copycat attacks, unrelated to the original attacks.

How does the ransom payment work?

The WannaCry attackers request that the ransom be paid making use of Bitcoins. WannacCy generates a unique Bitcoin wallet resolve for each infected computer, yet due to a race condition bug this password does no execute correctly. WannaCry climate defaults to three hardcoded Bitcoin addresses because that payment. The attackers space unable to determine which victims have paid making use of the hardcoded addresses, an interpretation that victims room unlikely to gain their records decrypted.

The WannaCry attackers ultimately released a brand-new version the the malware the corrected this flaw, however this variation was not as effective as the original.

On might 18, a brand-new notice was shown on infected computers informing victims that records will it is in decrypted if the ransom is paid.

What room the details top top Symantec"s protection?

Network-based protectionSymantec has actually the following IPS defense in location to block do the efforts to exploit the MS17-010 vulnerability:

SONAR behavior detection technology

Advanced an equipment Learning



For broadened protection and also identification purposes, the adhering to Antivirus signatures have been updated:

Customers must run LiveUpdate and also verify that they have actually the following meaning versions or later mounted in order come ensure they have actually the most up-to-date protection:


The following IPS signature likewise blocks task related to Ransom.Wannacry:

Organizations should also ensure that they have actually the latest Windows defense updates installed, in particular MS17-010 to prevent spreading.

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What are best practices because that protecting against ransomware?

New ransomware variants show up on a regular basis. Always keep your protection software up to date to safeguard yourself against them.Keep your operation system and other software program updated. Software application updates will typically include patches for newly found vulnerabilities that might be exploited by ransomware attackers.Email is one of the main infection methods. It is in wary of unexpected emails especially if castle contain web links and/or attachments.Be extremely wary of any type of Microsoft Office email attachment that advises girlfriend to enable macros to watch its content. Uneven you room absolutely sure that this is a genuine email from a trusted source, execute not allow macros and also instead immediately delete the email.Backing up vital data is the solitary most effective means of combating ransomware infection. Attackers have actually leverage over their victims through encrypting valuable files and also leaving lock inaccessible. If the victim has backup copies, they can restore their papers once the infection has actually been cleaned up. But organizations must ensure that backups are accordingly protected or save on computer off-line so that attackers can not delete them.Using cloud solutions could aid mitigate ransomware infection, since many maintain previous execution of files, allowing you come roll ago to the unencrypted form.