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Politics can end up being a dysfunctional force in organizations, but it can also be beneficial. Come learn exactly how to skillfully navigate organizational politics, managers very first have to map the terrain. To carry out this, think about two questions: are you dealing with politics at the individual level or the enterprise level? and also second, space you handling formal authority and also structures or hidden, unspoken norms? Depending ~ above the answers come these two questions, we end up with 4 different types of politics terrain: “the weeds,” where an individual influence and informal networks rule; “the rocks,” whereby power rests on individual interactions and also formal sources of authority; the “high ground,” which combines formal authority with business systems; and “the woods,” or an organization’s implicit norms, covert assumptions, and also unspoken routines. Influential executives understand just how to navigate all four terrains.

The woods, the weeds, the rocks, the high ground.


The very first 100 days are usually the honeymoon duration for any brand-new CEO to do their mark and also get others on board. However, because that Airbus CEO Christian Streiff, it was just a brief home window before his abrupt departure from the europe aircraft company that’s component of the EADS consortium, in addition to DiamlerChrysler and also Aerospatiale-Matra.

Streiff’s drive to rate up decision-making, get rid of bureaucracy, and also deliver quick execution, exposed historic and deep divisions in between executives in ~ the consortium. There to be reports of internecine feuding at Airbus:The internal atmosphere was tense; work were allocated by preferences various other than advertisement criteria; and also mistakes such as inadequate cabling were a result of internal conflicts and also mistrust. Even Streiff finished up concluding that it to be the politics nature of Airbus the prevented the from ending up being an integrated company. In short, he became the unintended victim trapped by what the jae won Times dubbed “byzantine business politics.”

Dysfunctional politics can sink an organization, and also yet most of the executives i teach react v distaste to the idea of gift a savvy business politician. Yes, it deserve to be self-serving. However, the truth is that national politics is normal. According to McGill’s Henry Mintzberg, it’s just an additional influencing procedure along v norms, formal authority and expertise. Hence it’s vital for leaders to know the forms it deserve to take and also how to use it because that the health of the organization.

Defining national politics

While we would certainly be naive if we didn’t acknowledge politics as a potentially damaging force, once deployed properly it can assist the firm meet its strategy goals and also live up to its values, especially during organizational change.

So what is it? organizational politics describes a variety of tasks associated v the use of affect tactics come improve personal or organizational interests. Studies display that people with political an abilities tend to do much better in gaining an ext personal power and also managing stress and job demands, 보다 their politics naive counterparts. They also have a greater impact on organizational outcomes.

However, political behavior is likewise likely to it is in present, however not explicit, until it is as well late. Because that example, it might be the case that a manager demands to exert a huge amount of push on a team to obtain something excellent by using the strength of their position over others. That is additionally occasionally crucial for employee to work-related behind the scene to build coalitions of believers in a new vision to to convince others. Every little thing the situation, the is crucial to understand that the root cause of political activities are regularly scarce resources (including time pressures), social and structural inequalities, and individual personal motivations.

Executives have the right to view politics moves as dirty and also will shot to street themselves from those activities. However, what they uncover hard to recognize is that such tasks can be for the welfare that the organization and also its members. Thus, the very first step to feeling comfortable with national politics requires that executives space equipped with a trustworthy map the the political landscape and also an expertise of the sources of politics capital.

Mapping thepolitical terrain

To deal with these challenges, we have to chart the political terrain, which consists of four metaphoric domains: the weeds, the rocks, the high ground, and also the woods. Each has various rules for sent navigation.

Navigating these domains requires awareness the two important dimensions. First is the level the political activity takes place. Politics dynamics begin with the separation, personal, instance player and also their politics skills. These have the right to evolve into group-level behaviors. In ~ the other end of this dimension is the wider context, where politics operates in ~ the organizational level.

The 2nd dimension the the politics landscape is the extent to which the source of strength is soft (informal) or difficult (formal). Soft strength is implicit, making usage ofinfluence, relationships, and norms. Political activity based ~ above “hard,” formal, or explicit power draws upon duty authority, expertise, directives, and also reward/control mechanisms.

These 2 dimensions of strength can provide us v the tools to navigate the 4 metaphoric domains.


The Weeds

In this quadrant, an individual influence and informal networks rule. I contact it “the weeds” because it’s a dynamic the grows naturally, without any type of maintenance.It can be a an excellent thing. Because that example, in ~ one not-for-profit organization, the Secretary general was seriously underperforming, and sometimes exhilaration unethically, leading staff to worry that they’d lose the assistance of key donors and government officials. As a result, casual group on regular basis met to cover up his mishandling that situations. However, the problem became unsustainable and the very same group, in ~ the year, assisted to lull him out to protect the organization reputation. Thus, the development of an informal coalition saved the organization and also political activities, in this case, were a pressure for good.

But “the weeds,” if left unchecked, have the right to also type a dense mat with which nothing else deserve to grow. In this circumstances, informal networks can be a countervailing force to legitimate power and also the permanent interests that the organization. Because that instance, they can thwart legitimate change efforts that are required to placed the organization on a sounder long-term financial footing.

To address the weeds, get associated enough to understand the unshened networks in ~ play. Determine the an essential brokers, and also the gaps —if you can fill the gaps — or ally v the brokers, so that you deserve to increase your own influence. Conversely, if the brokers space doing much more harm 보다 good, friend can shot to isolate them by emerging a counter-narrative and strengthening connections with various other networks.

The Rocks

Power in “the rocks” rests on individual interactions and formal (or “hard”) sources of authority such together title, role, expertise, or access to resources. The might likewise include political capital that arises from membership of or solid ties to a high status group such together the finance committee, a special job force, or the senior management team. I speak to this the “the rocks” due to the fact that rocks have the right to symbolize a stabilizing structure that keeps an company steady in times of crisis. But conversely, the spicy edges of tough power have the right to wreck a plan.

Consider a mid-sized advertising agency that was implementing a new growth strategy. The Chairman supplied his formal strength to protect against the changes. He would constantly question decisions agreed through the administration team, readjust his mind indigenous one meeting to the next, stop agreed assignment of resources to new structures, and also take civilization off the special job forces, without notification. Here we see the formal usage of tough power to satisfy self-interest end the that company longer-term value.

Navigating the terrain here relies on drawing on formal resources of power, fairly than fighting against them. Your ideal bet is to redirect the power of a dysfunctional leader, either with reasoned discussion or by appeal to their interests. For example, in the case of the proclaiming company, an elderly executives supplied the dispute of “leaving a legacy” to acquire the Chairman to see exactly how he to be undermining his own and company’s long term interests. In fact, it to be this type of political behavior and also misuse of strength that motivated Max Weber, a sociologist very early organizational scholar, to compose the classic book Bureaucracy, where he argued that bureaucracy was the most rational and best method to organize and also co-ordinate contemporary corporations. This leads us to take the high ground.

The High Ground

The high ground combine formal authority with business systems; I use the term to explain the rules, structures, policy guidelines, and procedures that form the communication of political activities. The services of this rules and procedures space they administer a check versus the whims of individual level, charismatic or autocratic individuals. Thus, the ‘high ground’ offers guide rails because that the rocks. It’s a practical political. Process that provides structures of control systems, incentives, and also sanctions that save the organization in compliance. However, as countless executive know, rules and procedures can likewise lead come the firm becoming overly bureaucratic, where rules are offered as a political maker to difficulty interests not aligned with the bureaucrats, or to prevent innovation and change.

If you discover yourself stranded top top the high ground, take it a lesson native one agency that used feedback native clients, customers, and end-users to to mark difficulties and also make the case that the current structure was constraining the organization. Because organizations where the high soil is a problem tend to it is in risk-averse, you can also shot emphasizing that not an altering can be also riskier 보다 trying other new.

You can also argue the a separate team or task pressure needs to be set up to examine an worry or bridge silos. It create a working an are outside of the mainstream structures, norms, and habitual routines of the organization, giving an alternate source of power. Such teams can likewise revitalize innovation and also change.

For instance, a public company was having troubles collecting revenues due to the fact that the structures were slow and had to follow formalized steps to avoid potential fraud. It supposed that countless tax profits were not built up at the finish of the year. Senior leaders made decision to collection up a devoted task force outside of the formal business structure to settle the problem. After the very first year, lock had diminished the difficulty by over 50% and also reached an 95% recovery price by the 2nd year. The company then adjusted its main processes to complement these improved methods. Various other well-known instances of comparable methods include the transforms at Nissan, pilot projects at Asda, and also companies opened up creation Labs in Palo Alto to eliminate the obstacles of bureaucracy.

The Woods

In enhancement to your formal processes and guidelines, organizations additionally have latent norms, covert assumptions, and also unspoken routines —and that’s wherein we get into “the woods.” The woods can carry out cover and also safety for civilization in your organization; or they have the right to be a bewildering location where good ideas and also necessary transforms get lost. Thus, here it is vital to understand the woods from the trees together you have the right to miss the previous if you emphasis on the symptoms rather than the hidden obstacles to strategy execution.

Strong implicit standards can specify what is even discussable. In some organizations, for example, displays of emotion may be viewed as socially undesirable, and so the company finds methods to marginalize, ignore, or reframe anyemotions that room shown.In otherorganizations,the display of particular emotions are essentially mandatory —think of the smiling trip attendant.

Some organizations get lost in your woods. They focus on the presenting problem rather 보다 the unspoken ecosystem of habits and also practices that remain unseen. The difficulty here is to make the latent explicit. Asking the stupid question, bringing implicit business routines and behaviors to the surface. Questioning clients, recent hires, or temporary contractors around their observations and also experience of exactly how the company works; a fresh pair eye will regularly identify points that incumbents space blind to seeing. Obtain benchmark info from surveys and also specialist experts. As soon as the implicit assumptions are out in the open, ask her team to reflect on whether they’re helping your firm or hindering it.

For example, consulting come a recently merged, international telecoms company, we performed a straightforward exercise using the society web framework to help each that the newly linked entities to define their own cultural norms and those of the various other parties. It easily generated truths and also myths that can be discussed and also used come iron the end blockages in castle rolling the end their distribution and cable network —the vital to recording subscribers and also business to work success.

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Understanding the political terrain can assist executives fight dysfunctional politics. But it’s also important to acknowledge that each landscape also contains optimistic dynamics. In one of two people case, try to understand the drivers rather than just judge the behaviors. Task leaders who do deserve to avoid the hidden traps of political dynamics, safeguard themselves versus the dark side of politics, and also use what they recognize to support wider organizational objectives will find it easier and also get an ext skilled engaging in hopeful political actions at all levels that the organization.