Orange is the new Black Season 6 episode 11 Recap — With simply two illustration left in this season, storylines space wrapping up and also characters are acquiring killed off, segregated, and also otherwise obtaining their stories tied up. Even if it’s a small hastily excellent — as well hastily, in fact, because that this writer’s liking — it’s other that’s important to save the story going.

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And, as the surname suggests, the show is taking a little of a dark turn. But, frankly, something needs to save it from the doldrums it’s been undergoing this previous season.


Orange is the new Black Season 6 illustration 11 Recap

Barb is lastly plotting to murder Carol and take out her supporters, which if naught else, has actually been a lengthy time coming.

Nicky, however, worries around the fate the Red. Nicky tries come send a blog post to Red about Barb’s plot, but her message is intercepted by a CO, and also she’s bring away into administrative custody.

Meanwhile, Hopper confronts Aleida about the medicine smuggling, and also for his trouble, she accuses the of having actually low expectations because that being satisfied with his menial job. It’s then the Hopper realizes he’s gone to Litchfield for much more than a decade, therefore he agrees to aid her smuggle the drugs in the prison…but just for three months.


Black Cindy, who wants to help Taystee, tells she lawyer the the story she said wasn’t true. She lawyer, meanwhile, says that if she backtracks now, she’ll just make points worse because that herself, and also there’s no way she can aid Taystee even if she want to.

So, in ~ Taystee’s trial, black color Cindy testifies versus her.

But Carol also wants some folks dead, too, and Suzanne and also Pennsatucky room trying to figure out who in B Block is secretly planning to death Frieda on Carol’s instructions.

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And finally, C.O. Copeland closes out the illustration by locking Barb and Carol with each other in a cell. We currently know that this isn’t walk to end well because that anyone involved…

RATING: 6 out of 10. A slow, but steady, episode.

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Orange is the new Black Season 6 episode 9 Recap characters and also cast include:

Joe Caputo – Nick Sandow (The Wannabe, TIME: The Kalief Brown Story, In the Blind, Blue Bloods)Piper Chapman – Taylor Schilling (The lucky One, Argo, Atlas Shrugged: part 1, Dark Matter, Mercy)Nicky Nichols – Natasha Lyonne (American Pie, Slums the Beverly Hills, Animals, Portlandia)Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren – Uzo Aduba (My little Pony: The Movie, The Wiz Live!)Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson – danielle Brooks (The angry Birds Movie, Time the end of Mind, Master that None, Girls)Marisol ‘Flaca’ Gonzales – Jackie Cruz (The Shield, My own Worst Enemy, Blue Bloods, 13 Steps)Blanca Flores – Laura Gomez (To death a Roach, Show Me a Hero, legislation & Order: distinct Victim Unit, Crimen)Gloria Mendoza – Selenis Leyva (Sex and also the City 2, The Place beyond the Pines, Dietland, Blue Bloods, regulation & Order)Tiffany ‘Pennsatucky’ Doggett – Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow, Hawaii Five-O, low Down, boy of Anarchy, 8 Mile)Cindy Hayes – Adrienne C. Moore (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Homeland, 30 Rock)Maria Ruiz – Jessica Pimentel (Person of Interest, Pride and Glory, Illegal Tender)Dayanara Diaz – Dascha Polanca (Joy, The Cobbler, Gimme Shelter, American Crime Story, The Perfect Match)Galina ‘Red’ Reznikov – Kate Mulgrew (Mercy, Warehouse 13, Star Trek: Voyager)Alex Vause – Laura Prepon (That ’70s Show, Karla, The Hero, The Girl on the Train, October Road, are You There, Chelsea?)Joel Luschek – Matt Peters (Weeds, Southbound)Aleida Diaz – Elizabeth Rodriguez (Logan, Miami Vice, The Drop, Power, Chance, prime Suspect)Lorna Morello – Yael stone (Me Myself I, Childhood’s End, Jailbirds)Zirconia Carera – Daniella De Jesus (Love beats Thymes, High Maintenance)CO Ryder Blake – Nick Dillenburg (Person of Interest, Elementary, legislation & Order)Linda Ferguson – Beth Dover (The Ten, Life Partners, one more Period, Childrens Hospital)Badison Murphy – Amanda Fuller (Last guy Standing, Grey’s Anatomy, Starry Eyes, Red White & Blue)Barbara Denning – MacKenzie Phillips (One Day in ~ a Time, for this reason Weird, The JAcket)Sophia Burset – Laverne Cox (Musical Chairs, Doubt, Grandma, The Mindy Project)Frieda Berlin – Dale Soules (The Messenger, Motherhood, AWOL, At home with Amy Sedaris)Nicole Eckelcamp – Alice Kremelberg (Nurse Jackie, The Michael J. Fox Show, Doomsday, The taking of Pelham 123)