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Story and Summary-

Boros is fighting with Saitama but he shed an eight by a killing attack of Saitama. The hit is continues and both are engaged with each other having actually their impressive superpowers. Boros is the strongest enemy Saitama challenged till currently as claimed by Saitama. Boros is make the efforts his best to death Saitama but he come after each successful attack.

Boros is frustrated after seeing there is no vast effect the his attack on Saitama, Boros made decision to charge himself completely and he produced all the energy versus Saitama. Boros sent out Saitama ~ above the moon and he realize that he used most of the power on Saitama that’s why that is emotion weak. Saitama ~ above the moon can’t analysis what simply happened yet he return on the earth in couple of seconds.

Mumen Rider, Stinger and also Lightning Max room rescuing the survivors from the city. The A class Heroes are fighting v the critical head the Melzargard. Bang cuts down the head the Melzargard in various tiny parts and finds the marble in his head. Bang crushes the last marble and also the beast is dead ~ so numerous attacks.

Boros is very frustrated since Saitama is quiet standing top top his feet. It to be revealed in the illustration Boros is indigenous a earth which has actually regenerative powers and also that’s why that is so strong and his body parts can also regenerated. Castle both are engaged with every other as soon as again and also Boros tries his critical powers since he was feeling very week after using heavy powers.

Boros is virtually destroyed by the critical fight and also Saitama is still standing on his feet together emerges victorious versus Boros. Boros admits in the last that he to be not also close come the strength of Saitama. Boros is still alive however Saitama left him because the air ship starts falling come the ground. Drive Knight leaves near Genos and tell him metal Knight is his enemy. All the S class Heroes are running because the air delivery is falling under on the A City. They are survived indigenous the waiting ship and Sweet Mask appears at the place.

He blames every the S course Heroes because that the devastation of the city. It reason a tiny fight between Sweet Mask and also the other S course Heroes. Metal Knight additionally emerges ~ a while and Genos recalls the words claimed by journey Knight around his enemy. Steel Knight came at the location to collection the weapon information yet Genos tells that he will use the weapon an innovation for our bad.

Superalloy Darkshine finds few of the extraterrestrial survivors from the wait ship and also tied every one of them. He told everybody about the extraterrestrial survivors however Sweet Mask killed every one of them. He claims every body among them to be evil and also they don’t worthy to live. Genos establish Sweet Mask is self obsessed and he observed his previous self in Sweet Mask.

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Bang interrupts the Heroes before the case gets worse. Steel Knight collection some necessary parts indigenous the air ship to rebuild the Headquarter that Hero association which is on the A City. A City is completely wiped off from the map. A and also S class Heroes space invited to live in the newly constructed headquarter of the Hero Association. In the ending of the episode we deserve to see Saitama is finishing an additional giant monster through one punch and also he start crying because his life is limited to one beat defeats only.