The Omron BP742N 5 collection Blood pressure Monitor is supplied with a cuff the fits upper arms from 9″ to 17″ in circumference.

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Features incorporate irregular heart beat detection, hypertension indicator bar, and also clear systolic and also diastolic readings via the big LCD screen. Up to 100 readings deserve to be save on computer in memory for 2 users.

But exactly how does it compare to some of the top rated Omron devices, such together the 7 series and 10 Series?

In ours review, we’ll take a close look in ~ the architecture features, ease of use, accuracy, and also customer feedback. This is to decision whether the Omron 5 series (BP742N) is the finest home blood pressure monitor for you.

Design Features


The Omron BP742N Blood push Monitor uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. This way there space sensors the detect the movement of blood v your brachial artery and also convert the an outcome into a digital reading.

An different would be the auscultatory method. This is whereby you still wear a cuff, yet a trained healthcare provider supplies a sphygmomanometer and listens because that the Korotkoff sounds utilizing a stethoscope. The trouble with this is that you’re relying ~ above each doctor or nurse the you see applying the very same technique, which isn’t always the case.

By utilizing the Omron 5 series at home yourself, you deserve to guarantee the you’ve complied with the same measures at the very same time the day. This also permits you to minimize any type of external determinants that can influence the reading.

The LCD display screen displays her systolic and also diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood pressure level (high, low, or normal).

There’s likewise a ‘movement error’ symbol, i beg your pardon activates if your body move too much when measuring her blood pressure. Unfortunately, there’s no placing indicator choose you obtain with the collection 7 Wrist monitor, i beg your pardon prompts you come raise or lower the cuff position until it’s level with your heart.

Irregular heartbeat detection is one more feature worth mentioning. If an irregular rhythm is detected an ext than twice when you’re acquisition a reading, the rarely often, rarely heartbeat prize is presented on screen.

Battery Life and also AC Adapters

Omron’s upper Arm blood press monitors always have a longer battery life than their wrist monitors. That’s due to the fact that they use 4 ‘AA’ batteries rather of 2 ‘AAA’, which means they have a battery life of 1000 measurements, compared to 300 with the wrist devices.

You’re also unable come charge utilizing an AC adapter if girlfriend buy one of the wrist BPMs.

Fortunately, the Omron BP742N 5 collection has one AC adapter jack therefore you deserve to plug the monitor directly into an electric outlet because that power.

Upgraded Features compared to Omron 3 Series

The most obvious upgrade is the memory. You can now choose from two various user profiles, which no a attribute of the 3 Series.

Each user profile deserve to store as much as 50 readings, compared to just 14 readings for 1 user through the Omron 3 Series.

Another update you deserve to enjoy with the 5 collection is the averaging option. This is where you deserve to take 3 readings in ~ 10 minutes and display the average, i beg your pardon isn’t possible with the 3 Series.

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One final upgrade is the blood push level indicator we mentioned earlier. Uneven you’re currently familiar with what your outcomes mean, it have the right to be daunting to understand whether your blood pressure is high, low, or normal. This new indicator bar renders it easy.