The "Ted Lesso" creator damaged his silence on his split from Olivia Wilde, which that confirmed occurred in November 2020.

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Jason Sudeikisis opened up aboutTed Lasso, his viral gold Globes appearance and his split from ex-fiancee Olivia Wilde.

In hisGQ profile, published Tuesday, the actor broke his silence for the first time around his breakup v Wilde. The breakup developed in November, Sudeikis confirmed, in addition to the fact that they no longer share their Brooklyn home.

Following their separation, image of Wilde stop hands v singer Harry styles surfaced in January, and since then, the 2 — who met on the collection of Wilde’s second directorial task Don’t problem Darling — have ongoing to be spotted together. Sudeikis, meanwhile, listed that the still doesn’t have finish clarity top top the end of his seven-year engagement come Wilde.

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“I’ll have actually a better understanding of why in a year,” Sudeikis said the magazine. “and an even far better one in two, and also an also greater one in five, and also it’ll go from being, you know, a publication of my life to becoming a thing to a paragraph to a line to a word come a doodle.”

Until then, the 45-year-old gibbs plans to use the split as a life lesson.

“That’s an experience that you either find out from or do excuses about,” that said. “You take some obligation for it, host yourself accountable for what friend do, yet then additionally endeavor to find out something past the noticeable from it.”

Sudeikis and also Wilde, 37, share two children. In the GQ interview, he likewise recalled their return to the abovementioned Brooklyn house, which they hadn’t set foot in for two years together it was being renovated: “The kids darted in. Last time Daisy was in that house, she slept in a crib. So now she has actually a new large bed. It to be hilarious. I walked up over there after prefer 15 minutes and also both rooms were a mess.”

Filming just wrapped on season 2 of Ted Lasso, and the football sitcomscored 20 Emmy nominationsTuesday. In February, the collection also secured the best actor gold Globe because that Sudeikis.

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Clad in a tie-dyed hoodie do by his sister’s apparel company, Sudeikis embraced the award end Zoom, and before long, people had started speculating about his mental and physical state.

“I to be neither high no one heartbroken,” Sudeikis clarified, telling GQ the the factor he wore a hoodie was due to the fact that it to be late in ~ night and also he simply didn’t feel prefer wearing a suit. “So yeah, turn off it came and it to be like, ‘This is exactly how I feel. I believe in moving forward."”