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Bon Temps is acquiring a taste of royalty this season ~ above True Blood – or much better yet, royalty is getting a taste of Bon Temps.

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With the angry machinations of Maryann comes to a gruesome and also goring finish in the season 2 finale, the role of bald evildoer to be left glaringly vacant.

Despite all the fang-flashing and glowering (mixed with a generosity amount of carnal blood-sucking) they are prone to, the blood-lusters of Bon Temps can’t seem to shake the annoying habit dubbed humanity.

In fact, Godric – the oldest and most an effective vampire the viewers had been introduced to – seemed to have come full circle, showing an ext compassion and understanding than many of the human characters and also ultimately picking to sacrifice self in the surname of human-vampire relations.

Well, there’s a brand-new King in town, and also his name is Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi, and it’s safe to say the he is no Godric.

“I have actually plans,” gibbs Denis O’Hare claims of his character. “I to be 2,800 year old and I am the oldest and also the the strongest vampire.”

And once the oldest, strongest vampire in the land states that he has actually “plans,” think bloody redecorating ~ above a an international scale through the human race as throw pillows.

“Russell intends to take end the world,” O’Hare tells surfacetoairnewyork.com. “He feels that human beings have actually squandered their stewardship of the earth by not treating it well. And he is one old Celt, a Druid, that was one earth-worshipper, and he feels choose he needs to take over.”

The reign of terror is really more of a regime in solution to human error, however according come O’Hare, Russell isn’t every doom and also gloom.

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“I have a friend on the show,” the actor says. “Talbot – he’s a beautiful Greek man and we’ve been with each other 700 years.”

While it’s safe to say that none of united state will ever know what that is to feeling the 700-year itch, O’Hare was kind sufficient to let us in on the tricks to keeping a partnership together for nearly a millennium.

“When you obtain to it is in 2,800 year old, you’ve watched it all, you’ve tried all of the positions. Nothing surprises you because you’ve tasted everything,” O’Hare claims with a laugh. “A marital relationship at that suggest is an ext than just sex. It’s around supporting every other and mutual interests. It’s about telling the truth also when the hurts. It’s about sharing a ready live human!” –Reagan Alexander

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