girlfriend can"t uncover other alternatives except 3D setups in the NVIDIA control Panel? Don"t worry, read this post and also you"ll understand what"s walk on.


Your NVIDIA control Panel seems various from others you see from the internet–it only has actually 3D settings. You feel confused and also a small worried. Don’t worry, it’s not a huge deal. Actually, it’s the nature of your machine. It is because there room two graphic cards on your computer. One is onboard graphics and the various other is the NVIDIA graphic card. Display screen and video clip option should be collection up in the onboard graphics card. For this reason you deserve to only view 3D setups in the NVIDIA control Panel.

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But if you provided to have actually other settings and you lose them, friend can try these 3 approaches to obtain them back.

Method 1: update your graphics card driver

The factors for her NVIDIA manage Panel only has actually 3D settings are various, but it need to be regarded your graphics card driver. For this reason it’s constantly a first-to-go choice to upgrade your graphics card driver.

There space two means to update your driver.

Option 1 – Manually– You’ll need some computer skills and patience to update your vehicle drivers this way, since you require to find exactly the ideal the driver online, download it and also install itstep by step.


Option 2 – instantly (Recommended)– This is the quickest and easiest option. It’s every done with simply a couple of computer mouse clicks – easy even if you a computer newbie.

Option 1–Download and also install the driver manuallySearch because that driver follow to her graphics card.
Download and also install the driver manually.Option 2 – automatically update the NVIDIA graphics map drivers

If friend don’t have the time, patience or computer an abilities to update your vehicle drivers manually, you can do it immediately with Driver Easy.

Driver Easywill instantly recognize your system and also find the correct vehicle drivers for it. Friend don’t have to know specifically what system your computer system is running, you don’t should risk downloading and also installing the dorn driver, and also you don’t need to worry about making a mistake once installing.

You have the right to update her drivers instantly with one of two people the cost-free or thePro version of Driver Easy. Yet with thePro versionit takes simply 2 clicks(and you get complete support and a 30-day money ago guarantee):

Run Driver Easy and also clickScan Nowbutton. Driver Easywill climate scan your computer and detect any kind of problem drivers.

Method 2: Disable the onboard graphics map in machine Manager

You can adjust your default graphic driver come the NVIDIA graphics card all the time. This can resolve the problem but may lower your battery life because that consuming much more power.

Run the NVIDIA regulate Panel. Select the High-performance NVIDIA processor in the drop-down menu and then click Apply.
Press the Windows logo vital + R to open the run box.Type “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter.
Open the display screen adapters and right-click top top your integrated graphics card.Click Disable device and then click Yes in the pop-up window.
Reboot your computer and also check whether it solves her problem.

Method 3: Restart the NVIDIA control Panel Process

Press the Ctrl + shift + Esc crucial together to open the job Manager.In the processes tab, right-click top top the NVIDIA control Panel and also choose End task.
Restart the NVIDIA regulate Panel and also check whether it has actually other setups or not.

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We hope you uncover the above information helpful. And if friend have any type of ideas, suggestions, or questions, feel free to leaving a comment below.