The NordicTrack C2050 is an older design treadmill because that in-home use. It is no longer accessible in 2011 as a new product, although you may uncover used systems available. This treadmill provides some advanced features such as iFit interactive technology and integrated workout programs that regulate the intensity setups for you.

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Nuts and Bolts

Your C2050 has a 1.75 hp engine that have the right to handle increases to 10 mph in 0.1 mph increments. The strength ramp have the right to incline up to 12 percent. The to run area is 20 inches broad and 55 inch long. It operation on a typical 120-volt circuit and also requires a base outlet; and also has a best user capacity of 300 pounds. The console can screen speed and distance in either miles or kilometers.

Added Features

Users deserve to employ the 10 quick-set rate buttons top top the console come quickly change the rate of the belt. The wade deck is cushioned, and also the treadmill folds approximately a upright position. It has wheels on the basic so you deserve to roll it come a warehouse area. The hand rails have actually metal pulse sensors so you can check your heart rate at any time during your workout. The console functions a pan on every side to aid keep girlfriend cool.

Program her Workout

Each of the eight built-in workout programs is split into 20, 30 or 40 one-minute segments. The C2050 instantly changes the speed and also incline in ~ the beginning of each period and you deserve to create and save two practice workouts ~ above the treadmill. You can also choose the size of the workout and select an incline and speed setup for each one-minute segment. The treadmill conserves the program in storage so you can choose it because that a future workout.

iFit Technology

IFit interactive modern technology allows girlfriend to affix the NordicTrack C2050 treadmill to your computer system or stereo through the contained audio cables. You have the right to purchase iFit CD"s or download workouts from the iFit website. With your treadmill associated to your stereotype or computer, the treadmill immediately adjusts the speed and also incline for you when a virtual an individual trainer guides you with the workout, offering an ideas and instruction. The iFit workouts encompass background music come infuse her workout through a high power atmosphere.

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