The many used refrigerant in form II is ___________.

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On part machines, a ____________ is set up at the outlet the the condenser to store the low temperature-high pressure liquid till it is essential by the evaporator.receiver
Systems v receivers conveniently "load up" v ____________ when opened, so filter-driers must always be __________ ~ a device is opened for repair.moisture, replaced
A __________ is set up in the liquie line to filter heavy _____________ and remove humidity from the fluid refrigerant.filter-drier, contaminants
Equipment in this EPA type is charged with refrigerant in both _______________.vapor and liquid form
In systems over __________, the refrigerant must be liquid charged in the liquid state throught the liquid line __________.50 pounds that charge, company valve
For countless larger systems, the push is so close to a perfect vacuum that a much more precise measurement referred to as a _________ is used.micron
A single adjusting stem controls the porting the ____________ there is no Schrader fittings.three position company valves (king valves)
Adjusting the stem transforms the valve to one of three positions: refrigerant flow through a main line as well as a business port, _______________________, and all port closed.refrigerant circulation through the key line only, through the gauge harbor closed (backseated)
If sight glasses "freeze over" through ice, the vision glasses deserve to be ___________.cleaned with an alcohol spray.
Many sight glasses include a ___________ to permit a examine of moisture content in the circut.moisture indicator
In part charging operations, vapor should first be charged into the device until the saturation temperature is _____________.above 32 degrees F (approximately 33 psig for CFC-12)
Frozen moisture have the right to be removed by ___________.increasing the push with dry nitrogen to permit the ice cream to melt
When evacuating this systems, a vacuum pump should be qualified of pulling a vacuum the _________.500 microns
Oil separators room not necessary on __________.recovery machines
Oil the is heavily mixed with refrigerant will ________ in the cranckcase together the compressor starts.foam
Non-condensables in a refrigeration system an outcome in _________.higher discharge pressure
To mitigate the quantity of refrigerant in the lubricating oil, compressors need to be equipped with ____.heaters
For a fast leak examine of larger air conditoning systems, any kind of stains roughly tubing and fittings commonly _________.indicate a leak
Because that the dimension of the tubing supplied in form II equipment, some leaks have the right to be pinpointed by applying _______ to the joints that are suspected that leaking.a bubble solution
If the joint is leaking, ______.bubbles will appear at the leak
The "open type" compressor offers a motor located _____.outside the compressor body
A disadvantage of the open type is that there must be a ______ where the pillar enters the compressor body.seal
An annualized leak rate of 35% or much more in commercial refrigeration (retail food and cold storage warehouse) or industrial procedure equipment v ___________ the charge have to be __________.50 pounds or more, repaired
For appliances through 50 pounds of fee or more, other than industrial procedure equipment and also commercial refrigeration, an yearly leak rate of _________ should be repaired.15% or more
In kind II equipment,the an outcome of a leaky system is one ______________.undercharged condition that raises superheat
Under the brand-new EPA regulations, to locate a leak in a device prior to its charging, the mechanism should be ___________.pressurized through an inert gas (ex: dried nitrogen)with an included trace charge of refrigerant
Recovering refrigerant native a system in vapor phase will certainly _________.minimize lose of oil
Liquid recovery is _________ 보다 vapor recovery.much faster
For fluid recovery, a ________ is necessary.liquid access fitting
One shortcoming with liquid restore is that part vapor ____________.remains in the system and cannot it is in removied with the fluid recovery
A vapor recovery need to be provided to remove ________.any continuing to be refrigerant vapor
If the recovery device is come be offered again because that a various refrigerant, that must first be ________.cleaned of every residue of the first refrigerant
To clean the residue in a restore machine, the oil ___________.must it is in drained and replaced with brand-new oil
To clean the residue the end of a recovery machine, _______________.all filters have to be replaced and also the maker must it is in evacuated with one more recovery machine or a "pump-out" cycle
For restore from some huge systems, ____________recovery machines are used whose condensers are connected to ____________.water-cooled, a nearby municipal water tap
A causing obligation routing maintenance task is __________________ on many rerigerant recycling machines.changing the oil and also filter
The recovery container have to be ____________ during a recovery.cooled
Contaminated refrigerant can contain ___________.acids, oils and moisture
According to the new EPA rules, every hoses used with recovery devices must be ______________ on each hose to avoid the lose of refrigerant as soon as hoses space being linked and/or disconnected.fitted v some form of self-sealing fitting
Before any kind of recovered refrigerant is reused in its original mechanism or is moved to one more system with the same owner, the should an initial be checked watch that that is cost-free of non-condensables
If the recovery cylinder is full (80% max through allowable weight) it deserve to be ___________.disconnected and an empty recovery cylinder substitued
The system must stay off v its ____________ open throughout the restore procedure.service valves
As much as possible, all __________ should be open.solenoid valves
Wait because that the recovery maker to revolve off on its low pressure manage indicating _________________.most of the refrigerant has actually moved out fo the system and into the recovery container
If the refrigerant is quiet trapped int that sytem, ______________.the pressure will increase after the closeup of the door off
On a ___________, the equalization link must it is in closed before refrigerant recovery operations are started.paralell compressor system
If evacuation come the target levels is not possible because the leaks in the device or if the restore to these levels would contaminate the refrigerant being recovered,the technicians need to ___________.evacuate LEAKING contents to the shortest level attainble without dramatically contaminating the refrigerant (This level cannot exceed 0 PSIG)
Hermetic compressors in recovery equipments are cooled by moving air over their body, flow suction gas end their internal motor, or by a __________.combination that these two methods.
To prevent overheating the compressors interior motor, recovery machines should ____________.never be began (energized) while they room in a deep vacuum or once their organization valves (discharge or suction ) space closed.
A device ___________ is a primary location for recovering fluid refrigerant.receiver/storage tank
In many appliances, liquid refrigerant will certainly be in ~ the component the is at the __________ ar of the system.lowest
EPA specifies a "major repair" together a repair that entails ___________.removal that the compressor,evaporator, condenser or any type of auxilliary warm exchanger coil
While system-dependent recovery devices may be provided on type II equipment, it should be remembered that system-dependent devices _________.CANNOT be provided on any kind of appliance with more than 15 pounds that refrigerant
ASHRAE traditional 15 mentions __________.the requirements and also use of oxygen-deprivation sensors in equipment maker rooms
Pressure relief tools are provided to ___________.protect large refrigeration systems
If much more than one relief valve is offered as a press relief device, they have to not it is in ________.

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installed in a series
All nitrogen tanks need to be equipped through a ___________.regulator to lower outlet pressure