Bad news: it shows up that Ninja Coffee Bar single Serve (CF112) is gradually phased the end from the market. I have searched, and also searched amongst reliable sellers. It shows up that this model deserve to be purchased directly on NinjaShark at a $$$$ price point.

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Good news: Ninja has diversified its investment portfolio to change Ninja Coffee Bar single Serve (CF112). Because that the many part, these various other coffee bars offer lot stronger value, much more customer trusted functionality, are easy and also fast come use.

What would Owly choice do: us would explore other Ninja Coffee Bars. A many them offer much stronger value, features and performance! Plus, since they are proactively sold and also maintained, it can be a little safer to gain them. Stay tuned for your reviews!

Owly Rating


Health & safety7
Price to value14

Bottom line

This is Ninja Coffee Bar solitary Serve (CF112) is a good coffee maker. It offers unparalleled versatility and also ease the use. That brews an extremely decent cup of coffee. We put it come a test in this CF112 review. Ninja Coffee Bar single Serve (CF112) provide hot, iced and also specialty coffee drink in various sizes. I loved that clean design, beneficial features and also technical specifications, like the Auto iQ One Touch knowledge technology, the constructed in frother, 4 brew sizes and 5 practice brews. The takes a while come brew, and coffee shows up a little bit too weak and also a little bit too cold because that me. No as progressed as newer and more advanced coffee bars native Ninja. At $$$$ price point, it’s one okay, yet not an excellent price to value.

This product have the right to be perfect for

Coffee drinkers who like versatility and like to experiment through coffee styles and also sizes. Have the right to be perfect for a take the end coffee or to have actually guests over.

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Learn more in this Ninja Coffee Bar solitary Serve CF112 review:

Pros and Cons of Ninja CF112

Why choose Ninja CF112?

Who is CF112 perfect for?

Owly Perception and Evaluation:


Features and technical specs


Health and safety

Consumer-reported issues

Price to Value

Owly Verdict: CF112



Elegant and good-looking designEasy come use, brews both coffee and also tea6 different drink sizes, 5 brew styles, tea type selection settingsCan brew bigger quantities that coffeeAn choice to brew a single cup that coffee


Made with plasticCoffee can not be strong enough for someCoffee might not be hot enough for someNO carafePreheat stays on because that 72 hoursCan take a bit longer to brewNot very easy to clean
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Why choose Ninja Coffee Bar single Serve CF112 over others?

In our various other Ninja reviews, favor for Ninja CP301 and CP307, we found Ninja to be a strong brand because that coffee makers. Uneven other typical coffee machines, Ninja bring unparalleled invention in their products, combining a variety of beverages in one machine.

Again, what ns appreciate around this machine is the it comes with great multifunctionality, great features, capability to brew coffee in 5 styles of coffee in 4 various sizes. Whether I need a cup of coffee or a full travel mug, Ninja Coffee Bar deserve to do it for me.

Unlike CP301 or CP307, this product does no come v a carafe, however is otherwise very similar.

Who is Ninja Coffee Bar solitary Serve CF112 perfect for?

As i was testing the product for this CF112 review, i really wanted to know who would most likely autumn in love with this product.

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Again, it appears that this product is progressively phased out. However, there room some benefits to this product:

✓ Flexible and also customizable coffee brewing

✓ capacity to manage the brewing process (e.g. Strength, bloom time)

✓ Desiring a solitary serve cup, e.g. For a to-go cup the coffee

✓ Cold brew and brew over ice

✓ ability to experiment with various coffee and also tea drinks

✓ Families and also individuals who value a solid brand and also high quality

Who is Ninja Coffee Bar solitary Serve CF112 not perfect for?

I would prefer to continue to be transparent in this CF112 review. As I detailed earlier, this coffee bar seems to be gradually phased out in favor of other, newer and far better coffee bars.

✗ Espresso lovers that want really deep and also rich espresso smell – this is no an espresso machine, and also it will not productivity espresso-like beverage

✗ A maker that enables a user come feel like a expert barista

✗ K-cup, coffee pod or coffee cup compatibility

✗ quick brewing (but therefore sacrificing quality of coffee)

✗ Plastic-free appliance

✗ short budget

✗ Not straightforward to find in stores (online and brick and also mortar) together the product shows up to be phased out

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CF112 Review and also Evaluation