In beforehand September 2020, it was revealed that Nicole Franzel had set a record for the most time spent in the Big Brother house. Aside from walking away through $500,000 when she winner Season 18, Nicole used her time top top the present for showmances. This days, Nicole is engaged to Victor Arroyo, who she met during BB18. However, they didn"t even kiss during that season because she struck up a romance with Corey Brooks.

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Two periods prior, Nicole captured feelings because that Hayden Voss. The Big Brother Season 16 stars to be admittedly into each other, also earning the moniker "Haycole." However, castle didn"t kiss ideal away, which led to a lot of of gathered among the fandom in summer 2014. When Nicole and Hayden "finally" kissed, it to be a large deal to viewers. Eventually, Nicole and also Hayden"s romantic made lock targets in the house, v Christine Brecht placing them both top top the block, which brought about Hayden"s eviction. 

They dated after the show, however it"s unclear how long their partnership actually lasted. When Nicole went back to Big Brother to contend on Season 18 in the summer 2016, she claimed "I"m single and prepared to play because that myself now," according to Bustle. The outlet likewise reported the she posted a photo with Hayden on might 23, 2016, in ~ the Me before You premiere, which has since been deleted. Hayden common a photo of them in ~ the exact same event, which that deleted, too. Season 18 started airing top top June 22, 2016, which could mean that Nicole to be freshly single when she entered the residence for her 2nd season. 

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Nicole Franzel"s romance through Corey Brooks was a focal suggest of the 18th season of Big Brother, i m sorry aired in the summer the 2016. Of course, Nicole at some point winning the season came to be the much bigger story. However, your romance didn"t last. As with her vault Big Brother relationship through Hayden Voss, the timeline that Nicole"s romance with Corey and also the factor behind the breakup room pretty unclear. 

That gift said, Inquisitr reported the Nicole unfollowed Corey on society media on march 5, 2017. Their season finished on Sept. 21, 2016, which could mean the they broke up near that date. However, Nicole post her first photo with now-fiancé Victor Arroyo ~ above April 20, 2017. While a picture is precious a thousands words, complying with a society media follow isn"t a surefire method to item together a timeline, especially since people can delete posts. 

The last photo Nicole has actually with Corey is from Halloween 2016, but it is not also a picture of simply the 2 of them. Instead, they"re posing with fellow Big Brother alum Paulie Calafiore. Meanwhile, the last photo Corey posted v Nicole is native Dec. 31, 2016. In the caption, the thanked Nicole for visiting him in Dallas, Texas. Nicole stays in Ubly, Mich., so, perhaps, lengthy distance might have been a aspect in their split. 

As the this writing, the two of them haven"t publicly addressed their breakup, which might mean there wasn"t too much drama there. Regardless, it"s unlikely fans will find out what happened due to the fact that Nicole has moved on through Victor. 

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In September 2018, Nicole Franzel and also Victor Arroyo showed up on Big Brother Season 20. Nicole assumed that she to be there to introduce a competition. However, Victor surprised she by proposing. "Nic, us met in the Big Brother house over two years ago," he stated (via People). And right away, I thought you to be the most beautiful girl I"ve ever before seen, and also I fell in love with your personality. We formed a friendship in the Big Brother house, yet our friendship really blossomed external in the actual world."

He additionally revealed the they had their first kiss in brand-new York and that"s as soon as he knew " was in love." even though the kiss wasn"t filmed by BB cameras, it did have something to carry out with the show. In 2017, Victor told Entertainment Tonight, "Everything came with each other for the premiere of Big Brother 19, where we were in new York and also we simply clicked. From then on, the was, ns guess it to be a love story, and now she"s mine girlfriend." And soon, she will be his wife.

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After originally postponing your wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic, Nicole and Victor are collection to tie the knot in November 2020, which has actually to be a plot point on Big brother 22. Once Janelle Pierzina obtained evicted, Nicole told her, "I recognize you most likely don"t desire to concerned my wedding, so just don"t worry around it." Let"s expect the wedding itself is a shade-free, good time.