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It"s been nearly two years since the two referred to as it quits, yet during his guest figure on The Amber increased Show top top Friday, the comedian admitted he"s quiet not totally over the heartbreaking split.

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"We talking around breakups?" Cannon, 35, joked. "Aww, damn."

"The world has watched it!" Cannon continued when organize Amber increased asked him to comment on his worst breakup story.

"I"m not ready to be in a relationship," he later on added. "I"m broken."

Cannon revealed, however, that in spite of their split, he and Carey, that is now involved to Australian billionaire James Packer, space "absolutely" quiet cool.

"I speak to her every solitary day," that explained. "Matter of fact, ns gotta leave here and go pick up the children <5-year-old pair Moroccan and Monroe>."

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Rose, that shares 3-year-old boy Sebastian through her ex-husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa, then chimed in on co-parenting, saying, "I don"t understand why civilization out there, castle feel favor it"s so taboo. Me and also Wiz are ideal friends. Us hang out, we spend time v the baby."

Cannon stated it"s called "being mature," and praised Rose and also Carey for being exorbitant mothers.

"Amber is an impressive mother, so is Mariah, and when you check out these women who have their own industries, their very own empire, however they"re the finest mothers ever," the gushed. "They put everything off to the side, so also if a breakup occurs, the doesn"t average a child should suffer. If anything, the child must be lifted up during that time."

"You guys do that so well," that continued. "They gotta flourish up in this, castle didn"t ask for this. Not just do they need to be in the general public light, but then they have to deal with an unorthodox family so, we just, girlfriend know, make certain that they"re happy and also they know unconditional love."

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All seriousness aside, increased switched gears by questioning Cannon if he and also Carey ever had sex to among her songs.

"I"ve reply this inquiry while i was married," that replied. "Mistake! Yes, ns have. And also she didn"t prefer the reality that ns told the human being that we had actually sex to her music, however it was true. I keep it a hundred! That"s amazing, girlfriend imagine having sex through Mariah Carey while Mariah Carey is play in the background? that is a dream come true."

"Sorry, Mariah, I said I wasn"t going to say that again yet it"s Amber"s fault," the continued, also telling viewers the track of an option was "Hero," naturally. ""When a hero comes along," just sayin" -- she created it."

Perhaps he"ll uncover a brand-new hero at Howard University?

During another episode the The Amber rose Show, which airs Fridays in ~ 11 p.m. ET top top VH1, the 32-year-old design revealed she"s all set for infant No. 2.

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"Now, you understand that we have Sebastian together, and I really, really want one more baby," she confessed. "So i asked him for his sperm, favor I always do, every time I"m roughly him. And I"m like, "He"ll probably offer me some more sperm, so we deserve to have one more baby!""

Hear much more in the video below.

Amber increased Reveals She desires Baby No.2 through Wiz Khalifa, speak Her favorite Bedroom positions