If girlfriend play role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons long enough you will eventually learn the dominion "never pick up a duck in a dungeon." Why shouldn"t you choose up a duck in a dungeon? The wide smile top top the DM"s face and the glint in his eye is much more than enough to provide you pause... They say without words "go ahead and find out..."As much as I have the right to tell the dominion originated through with the card video game "Munchkin" where among the cards is the "Curse: Duck the Doom" which says "you need to know better than to choose up a duck in a dungeon. Lose 2 levels." Nearly every one of the Munchkin cards referral some kind of duty playing joke, the Duck that Doom most likely being a referral to the legacy of DMs producing horrible horrible and deadly catch that deserve to instantly death or in ~ the an extremely least serious maim characters and also are triggered by something seemingly random.., favor a duck in a dungeon.
In any kind of case, i was running a project with a huge group that friends. They had actually just foiled a longstanding plot the the secretive necromancer cult in Pride"s Landing however they retaliated by trapping the party within a nightmare. Ns knew mine friends and their characters decently well so I had a heyday comes up with scenarios and situations the either play to character weakness the players" psyche. The tough as nails greatly armoured personalities had to usage their nonexistant dexterity and swim skills to traverse the wreckage the a sinking delivery while a very big unspeakable fear slept lightly in the water in ~ them. The scenario freaked them out enough that they bribed me v cookies to let them uncover a row boat to acquire to safety. The whimsical players had actually their whimsy turned on them together they had actually to to escape a Joker-esque "fun house" and also outsmart a five story cat in a video game of cat and also mouse. The football player going right into counseling levels were faced with the pain and sorrow of one NPC they had actually grown attached to as they make the efforts to relax her native her very own private nightmare about a case the heroes were too late to prevent simply a few sessions beforehand.They encountered NPCs that they loved and also old enemies who they hated and feared. They cowered far from the nightmare wraiths in search of them. No one knew what to suppose as the rules in a dream were fluid however everyone was having a grand old time... However I conserved the best until last.The party had break-up up, ladies going with the pink door and also men going with the blue door. The women gained a puzzle specifically created just for them. Each part of the puzzle forced that the personalities work together and also use their distinctive talents to support each other and also move forward. Lock figured it out after a small while and may have actually bonded over the experience... Or probably not, ns don"t know. They finished their challenge and had fun act it.The men gained a challenge specifically designed for them. A huge room through a door in ~ the end. The room was totally empty conserve for a duck sit in the middle and also the door had a duck shaped imprint for a key hole. Their reaction was priceless.Two that the guys instantly swore.The third just said, "nope. I"m the end yo."The fourth said. "I turn around and leave."Our newest player was confused. What on earth was going on?"It"s a duck in a dungeon!" they nearly shrieked, "everyone to know you need to never choose up a duck in a dungeon!""Why not?" she inquiry sincerely.They men looked in ~ her favor she had actually asked if the sky was yes, really blue. They climate regaled us v the fear stories of previous campaigns and other campaigns that they had heard of whereby the dreaded duck was put in the dungeon. Horrible death traps. Curses of gender reversal. Elaborate and also sinister plots put together by sadistic DMs come ensure that the whole party passed away in damaging terrible ways!They stayed much away native the duck. "Is the magical? If I cast magic sight perform I check out if the duck is magical?""The duck is not magical. It appears to be just a typical duck.""Is it an illusion? have the right to I dispel it together an illusion.""The duck is no an illusion. It is a real flesh and also blood duck.""Can I talk to the duck?""You might talk to the duck.""Um... Hello?""Quack.""Are girlfriend going to kill united state Mr. Duck?""The duck simply looks in ~ you."This was wonderful. The males had operated themselves up and also were totally freaked out by a duck in the dungeon. The challenge appeared to be simple... Every they had to perform was place the duck in the duck shame imprint and also the door would certainly open... Or would it? What devious and also terrible point would occur when they choose up the dreaded duck? would certainly the floor give way? would certainly the door loss on them? would the roof cave in?One of the guys tried the door without the duck, making certain to stick to the really edge of the room do slow activities and constantly watching the duck. The door to be locked and magically sealed.Eventually one determined he would meet my challenge. Through a heavy sigh the said, "I"m walking to execute it. I"m walk to pick up the duck."The rest of the males dove for cover increasing shields and also casting protective spells. This to be it."You choose up the duck?""I choose up the duck."I smiled broadly. The men said "oh shoot.""You pick up the duck however as shortly as you perform ten huge giants suddenly end up being visible and they every thump you with their clubs for..." ns grab every the dice I have the right to hold through both hands and smash them right into the game board for extra effect."I"m dead!" he cried. The rather laughed hysterically in ~ his misfortune. "I only have actually 53 struggle points!""You take it 137 poin-""I"m dead!""of *nonleathal* damage.""What?""Yeah. Turns out these giants have big inflatable clubs that squeak when they struggle things.""So I"m...""Oh you"ve been flattened right into the rock floor but you"re not "dead"...""137 points... Owwwww."The guys made decision to shot diplomacizing the giants. The giants, who had lovely brothers accents, described that they were tasked through protecting the duck so that it might never be taken far from its home in the dungeon. When the players asked if they can please lend the duck to open the door with the promise of return it right after the giants thought that was a "smashing" great idea. The men used the duck to open the door and also carried their flattened friend the end so that the healer can fix him increase again.The dungeon ended shortly thereafter as soon as they experienced the holy place priest battling a demon on your behalf and then wrong the nightmare to totally free them.So...

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