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The completely updated NETWORK+ guide TO NETWORKS, 6th Edition provides readers the technical an abilities and sector know-how required to begin an amazing career installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computer system networks. The text also prepares readers for CompTIA's Network+ N10-005 certification exam through fundamentals in protocols, topologies, hardware, and also network design. After experimenting TCP/IP, Ethernet, wireless transmission, and also security concepts, as well as an all-new chapter on digital networks, readers can increase their understanding with the handy "On-the Job" stories, evaluation Questions, hand-operated Projects, and Case Projects. NETWORK+ overview TO NETWORKS, 6th Edition likewise includes reference appendices, a glossary, and also full-color illustrations. The features of the text merged with its emphasis on real-world problem solving, gives readers with the tools they need to succeed in any type of computing environment.

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About the Author:

Tamara Dean has worked in the ar of networking for practically 20 years, most recently together a networking consultant, and also before that, as the manager of web services and also data center operations because that a regional ISP. She has managed LANs at the university of Wisconsin and at a pharmaceutical firm, worked as a telecommunications analyst because that the FCC, and also cofounded a neighborhood radio station. Well-published in networking, she is the writer of overview to Telecommunications Technology, Network+ CoursePrep research Guide, and several previous editions the Network+ overview to Networks and CompTIA Network+ In Depth all published by Cengage Learning.


"The explanation that the OSI is complicated and this chapter does wonderful job of break it down and also explaining just how they relate with one another. Really accurate and also had fantastic flow native one topic come another. Thing 4 ideal chapter yet, it covered several very confusing topics, TCP/IP protocol stack and DNS/DHCP and described the procedures in an easy to recognize terms and also gave examples. I liked exactly how the TCP/IP ridge was connected to the OSI model and also the explanation that IPv4 addressing and also IPv6 addressing comparisons was excellent. The delivery of the product was excellent. It took a daunting topic that numerous students have problems with and simplified it to a degree yet didn't lose the complexities the the information. Ns think the the manual projects are an useful to every one of the students and can be completed by those in course or via street learning."