The real Houssurfacetoairnewyork.comives that Atlanta star to be gracious once she announced her leave from the reality series on Sept. 17, yet now she's firing earlier at that producer Andy Cohen, and also her friend and also talk present host Wendy Williams.

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Leakes took issue with Williams and also Cohen mentioning her departure on Sunday's episode of Watch What happens Live, where Williams claimed Leakes will certainly be ago on RHOA and that any type of spin-offs including her will certainly be "boring."

"NeNe is my friend, and also I recognize her as Linnethia, ns don't understand her as this person on fact TV, simply what ns watch," Williams told organize Cohen. "I think that this is not a truth.



"NeNe has actually quit the show several times and also you'll have actually her back," she added. "NeNe likes attention, dramatic attention. Ns don't know what NeNe's walking to be doing for money. I'm no trying to count coins, but the Houssurfacetoairnewyork.comives is that one thing that all the girls usage to promote their various other stuff."

Williams then said Leakes demands the display unlike Bethenny Frankel, who had the ability to stand on her own after The Real Houssurfacetoairnewyork.comives of York City gave her a platform to turn her service into a "legitimate, multi-million dissension situation."

"And what space they gonna do? Is it gonna be Gregg and NeNe? You're gonna provide them one more reality show? That's boring," she said. "How around NeNe being a grandmother? That's boring. NeNe and also her own kids, that's boring. NeNe do the efforts to number out Hollywood, that's boring."

Cohen was cost-free of Leakes top top WWHL, speak "she probably has a many opportunities" and also that he wants her to "come ago at part point."

In response, Leakes fired turn off a series of tweets slamming Williams and Cohen and accusing them of making use of her to "help v their negative ratings." She additionally alluded to Williams' previous cocaine addiction, "She top top cocaine therefore they need to stop making use of her come talk," Leakes tweeted, later on calling Williams "ole cocaine head" and also seemingly referring to Cohen as "ole racist" in an additional post.

"I will always eat and eat good! believe that," she tweeted Sunday night. "I have always believed in multiple streams of revenue so the leakes are an excellent you ole cocaine head and you ole racist. No one you till YOU me. Remember I’m ICON. Don’t forget."

Leakes additionally compared her case to the fatality of Breonna Taylor, which numerous commenters reputed inappropriate.

The reality star ended her Twitter rant by alleging the she's received negative treatment as the only Black OG amongst the Real Houssurfacetoairnewyork.comives franchises, together she's been with RHOA since the very very first season. Leakes left season 7 to focus on various other shows like Glee and The Normal, but went back as a full-time actors member in season 10.

"We strictly talk the OG’s. Ns was the only BLACK OG," Leakes tweeted. "My white respond to parts to be elevated and given full season episodes EVERY season. Every season ns was provided less & less. Don’t ask me,

"So lot you guys just don’t know! I’m going come bed now! The systemic racism is better than you will ever know," she added.

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A job earlier, Leakes responded to a fan who argued she was required out the the show, writing, "They definitely did."

In she initial announcement regarding her departure, Leakes preserved a hopeful tone overall but walk hint that her leave was because of "tiring, emotionally negotiations."

"I started on The real Houssurfacetoairnewyork.comives the Atlanta in 2008. We took off prefer a rocket. Ns mean, we took off," she claimed in her video. "You might have never told me that ns starred top top this tiny show and it still it is in going strong 13, 14 years later — and also it is. I'm simply so happy the I can say that i was a part of a genre that opened up up doors for black color ensemble truth shows to step up and also be a component of what we all now love therefore much: fact TV."

Cohen also penned a prolonged Instagram tribute to Leakes after the nsurfacetoairnewyork.coms broke, calling she "an icon of the genre" and sharing numerous photos that him and also the star over the years.