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The 2015-16 NBA continual season might be month away, however we have the right to start planning ~ the organization unveiled its complete schedule Wednesday. The opened night of the regular season is set for Oct. 27, v a three-game slate featuring some of the ideal teams in the league.

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The defending champion gold State warrior will start off their season by raising the banner in Oracle Arena prior to taking top top Anthony Davis and also the brand-new Orleans Pelicans, that they swept in the very first round of the playoffs critical year. It"ll be the nightcap of a TNT doubleheader and feature a league MVP versus a most likely future league MVP.

The various other two gamings should additionally feature part marquee players, specifically a season-opening matchup between the Cavaliers and also Bulls. The 2 Midwest groups that have collected an on-and-off rivalry over the past couple of decades, so it"s undeniably on again through LeBron James and Derrick increased suiting up because that their particular teams. That"ll kick off TNT"s coverage.

There will be a third game together well. The Pistons will visit the falken at 8 p.m. Top top NBA organization Pass.

Here"s the schedule because that NBA"s opening night on Tuesday, Oct. 27:

Detroit Pistons vs. Atlanta Hawks

8 p.m. ET, NBA league Pass

The hawks were the surprise team of last season, sending 4 players to the All-Star video game on their means to to win 60 games before getting swept by the Cavs in the eastern Conference Finals. They face a new-look Pistons team that added shooting in the front court end the offseason, and drafted versatile wing Stanley Johnson No. 8 overall.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls

8 p.m. ET, TNT

After being invited by a raucous crowd in Cleveland to start the 2014-15 season, LeBron James and agency will be obtained a bit differently this year as they open against the Bulls at the unified Center. Chicago fans are known to detest LeBron given his success ousting the Bulls indigenous the playoffs, and also this year will certainly be the latest opportunity for the Rose-led team to finally overcome that hurdle.

The game should likewise tip off an ongoing battle between the Cavaliers and Bulls for the optimal spot in the eastern standings. The Cavaliers are greatly favored to win the east with James, Kyrie Irving and also Kevin Love return to form a stack roster, yet the Bulls might be the challenger with the finest shot the snagging the peak seed. Chicago fired coach Tom Thibodeau and also replaced him v Fred Hoiberg end the summer, partially due to the former"s absence of playoff success versus LeBron"s teams.

The Bulls space hoping the coaching readjust will be enough to push the Cavaliers. We"ll obtain our very first view at just how that"ll play the end in the opening game of the season.

New orleans Pelicans vs. Gold State Warriors

10:30 p.m. ET, TNT

Stephen Curry is the reigning MVP. Anthony Davis might be the best bet for "future MVP" of any kind of player in the league. Those 2 players alone must make any game between the Warriors and Pelicans precious watching. In this case, they"ll be tipping turn off the 2015-16 regular season in style. (They"ll also face each other a couple of days later on in new Orleans).

Curry and also Davis have arised as two of the ideal players in the NBA end the past pair years. They"re the driving forces behind their corresponding franchises" recent innovation and room the kinds of football player that define the NBA together a star-dominated league. There are few players in basketball as vital as Curry and also Davis.

The Warriors and also Pelicans are much more than your superstars, however. New Orleans is taken into consideration a team to clock entering next season with former Warriors assistant Alvin Gentry instead of Monty Williams as head coach. Meanwhile, golden State has actually a legit shot at becoming the league"s latest back-to-back champion.

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The two teams also met throughout the an initial round that the 2014 postseason, wherein the Warriors dealt with off the Pelicans" best runs en path to a sweep. Davis looked exceptional throughout that series, offering the very first glimpse the the damages he might do in future postseasons as he benefit experience and the team around him improves.