Jerseys.....whether football or basketball, soccer or hockey, do the game. Yet in the D-League, because of its lack of kind exposure can go unnoticed. I will countdown the leagues finest jerseys in 2 parts. This an initial article will certainly cover the no. 22 with no. 11 jerseys.

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No. 22- Oklahoma City Blue (Oklahoma City Thunder)

If you placed the Oklahoma City Blue alongside the Oklahoma City Thunder girlfriend most likely won’t have the ability to tell the difference. Affiliates are an alleged to reflect your affiliates, but these look way too similar. However, their warm-up gear is electric and also would indicate they use that logo design for their jerseys.

MYCN2 No. 21- Sioux autumn Skyforce (Miami Heat)

The Skyforce come in a No. 21 for the same reason the OKC Blue did. Lock resemble the Heat’s jersey a lot. The little heat fling ~ above the finish of the E adds some flair, yet I would indicate putting a more forceful form of graphic to replace the fire.

Sioux falls Skyforce Instagram No. 20- Austin spur (San Antonio Spurs)

Along with the unoriginal name, the Austin spurs lacks creativity. The spur adds a quite touch to the uniform and their road unis are absolutely awesomely decked out in camouflage, but other 보다 that the uniforms space pretty lackluster.

Austin spur No. 19- Iowa power (Memphis Grizzlies)

Iowa Energy’s uniforms absence much energy. The lettering the resembles the Memphis Grizzlies yet is one of my favorites. Their mascot though......a really cool looking dude in the jersey.

Iowa power Instagram No. 18- lengthy Island Nets (Brooklyn Nets)

The long Island Nets pay homage to their NBA affiliate in the Brooklyn Nets by having actually their logo on the bottom of their shorts. That a quite touch, but it looks the end of place given the colors of the as whole uniform matching the logo. Still a an excellent idea to add though.

long Island Nets No. 17-Westchester Knicks (New York Knicks)

The Westchester Knicks have actually a different style of uniforms, through the number on top and also name top top the bottom. The actual surname looks like a kid drew the design, yet the switcharoo the the numbers and also name renders the architecture get a pass.

Westchester Knicks No. 16- cool Rapids journey (Detroit Pistons)

I have always been a fan of the Pistons jerseys, and also their affiliate looks prefer it. It does absence in creativity, however the red and blue offer the uniform a cool vibe, along with the word journey at the top and also the Pistons logo perfectly matching on the bottom the the shorts.

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grand Rapids drive No. 15- Maine Red Claws (Boston Celtics)

Pretty awesome to view a team in Maine stand for a team in the Celtics. You have the right to see the correlation in the uniform, from the red that represents the name and the eco-friendly trimming about the letters can possibly represent the Celtic green. The uniform does look prefer a specific holiday coming up in 2 weeks, however it’s still a practiced uniform.

Maine Red Claws Instagram No. 14- Delaware 87ers (Philadelphia 76ers)

The Delaware 87ers no sound as smooth as the 76ers, however their unis are. The sevens is a distinct name to put on the front. That works. That different.

Delaware 87ers on facebook No. 13- north Arizona Suns (Phoenix Suns)

The NAZ shows their pride for the sun in their uniforms. The orange flair that runs transparent the uniform and also on the letter is bright come say the least. The orange NAZ letters that run across the front of the jersey reflects an international type of jersey.

(Photo through Matt Hinshaw/NAZ Suns) No. 12- Salt Lake City Stars (Utah Jazz)

The Salt Lake City Stars are the team who actually mirrors their surname in your jerseys. The stars might have a little more to it, however nonetheless the uniforms express your name and also they execute a an excellent job implementing that in your uniforms.

Salt Lake City Stars facebook No. 11- public City Bulls (Chicago Bulls)

To round the end the very first 11, the windy City Bulls come in at No. 11. The Chicago Bulls space by much a standard team with classic background with a classic uniform. The publicly City Bulls have actually uniforms to match, yet they have uniforms that include their very own flair. The spicy arch and smaller lettering provides the uniform a contemporary look and makes that look choose the wind is blow the native back.


The optimal 10 jerseys will certainly be announced in a future article. This jerseys display outstanding graphics and also show the teams spirit towards the D-League. Plus, this upcoming jerseys display Ridiculous Upside.