THE finest WAYS come FIGHT CANCER and also HEAL your BODY NATURALLY   This revised, updated edition of Russell L. Blaylock’s revolutionary guide offers the recent cutting-edge information on how and also why cancer develops, why traditional treatments fail, and the an important role inflammation theatre in every stages the this deadly disease. Making use of the latest clinical discoveries and most decisive research, Blaylock expose why crucial natural compounds—vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals—can halt the spread out of cancer. With the right combination of diet and also nutrition, patient can develop their built-in immune mechanisms to protect against the expansion of cancer cells and protect your bodies from the debilitating, occasionally lethal effects of chemotherapy. In this brand-new edition, you’ll discover:   *The remarkable function plant extracts pat in killing and also controlling cancer cells, to reduce the side impacts of treatment, and relieving treatment-related depression, anxiety, and stress *The vitamins, fruits, and also over-the-counter one-of-a-kind plant extracts that protect the heart and brain against toxic effects of chemotherapy *The an effective mushroom extract the stimulates anti-cancer immune cells selectively *Which generally used food preparation oils can battle cancer and those the stimulate cancer growth and spread *The truth around glutamine/glutamate and also cancer *Natural link that protect cells, tissues, and also organs from radiation damage and also improve energy   Plus: Why cancer i do not care resistant to part therapies • exactly how a ketogenic diet starves cancer cells • exactly how to protect the heart against cardiac toxicity • how Vitamin C disclosure the valuable effects the chemotherapy • how to change cancer stem cells back into continual stem cells • how flavonoids safeguard healthy cell • Cancer’s connect to diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease . . . And much more!

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Dr. Russell Blaylock is an worldwide recognized, board-certified neurosurgeon, author, and also lecturer. After ~ attending medical school in ~ Louisiana State University institution of Medicine, wherein he attained his clinical degree, he perfect a surgical internship and also his neurosurgical residency at the clinical University of south Carolina. ~ above passing the neurosurgical plank examination, he gotten in the private practice of neurosurgery in High Point, phibìc Carolina, and later in Jackson, Mississippi. He now serves as an associate Editor-in-Chief of the journal Surgical Neurology International and as the Editor-in-Chief for the Neuroinflammation section of the exact same journal. He has actually published end sixty scientific write-ups in clinical journals, composed chapters in six medical textbooks, and also written four publications on clinical subjects. In addition, he has written the advent or forward for six books on clinical subjects. Dr. Blaylock has served together a peer reviewer for several medical journals. Dr. Blaylock has actually been a lecturer for medical professionals seeking plank certification in the Fellowship in Metabolic and Functional medicine (FMNM) of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. That has additionally lectured commonly on medical subjects, including cancer, come national and also international audiences. That has showed up as a guest ~ above a number of radio and also television programs. Dr. Blaylock has additionally made several health and wellness DVDs, health podcasts, and also audio lectures. His Blaylock Wellness newsletter is read by over 100,000 subscribers. He was the 2004 receiver of the truth in science Award granted by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Dr.

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Blaylock resides in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Visit him at and

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